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HOW TO CHOOSE A FITNESS BRACELET - rating of fitness bracelets, which is better, reviews, comparisons

A smart fitness bracelet assesses the quality of sleep and tells you how many steps have been taken during the day. The mobile application will allow the device to wake up its owner in that phase of sleep, when it will be easiest for him to get up. The morning will be really good, and you will be rested.

In order not to overpay for a fitness bracelet, but to receive reliable information about health indicators, take note of our options.

Xiaomi Mi Band

The good old Xiaomi Mi Band and its smart cousin Xiaomi Mi Band 2 understand you at the touch of a finger. In real time, you will learn about the number of steps taken, heart rate, body temperature. Use the app on your smartphone to track your sleep phases and set up a vibration alarm.

The bracelet strap is made of hypoallergenic silicone. It is elastic, lightweight and durable. Mi Band 2 weighs 7 grams, while its predecessor is slightly heavier at 13 grams. The strap is adjustable between 155-210 mm. The capsule does not protrude, a notch along its edges protects the screen from loss and scratches. The seamless design of the strap and the locking ring securely fix the tracker and reduce its loss to zero. Xiaomi looks harmoniously on a sophisticated woman's wrist and on a muscular man's hand.

The electronics of the bracelet are IP67 protected, they are not afraid of dust and water. The button reacts to cold and wet fingers.

The bracelet is universal and compatible with smartphones based on Android OS, iOS (Apple). Lasts up to 30 days on a single charge. Xiaomi Mi Band 2 costs within 1000 UAH, Xiaomi Mi Band - 350 UAH.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 specifications

  • Capsule materials: polycarbonate, plastic.
  • Bracelet materials: thermoplastic silicone vulcanizate.
  • Enclosure protection class: IP67.
  • Functions: heart rate measurement, pedometer, counting distance and calories burned, sleep monitoring, smart alarm, call notifications, tablet / smartphone unlocking.
  • Sensors: three-axis accelerometer, optical heart rate monitor.
  • Indication: monochrome OLED display with a diagonal of 0.42 inches.
  • Battery: built-in lithium polymer with a capacity of 70 mAh.
  • Autonomous work: up to 30 days.
  • Wireless: Bluetooth 4.0 LE.
  • Compatibility: iOS 7 / Android 4.3.

Xiaomi fitness bracelet reviews

Dmitry Fedorov: «The charge is enough with active use for 2-3 weeks. The pedometer works quite accurately, it makes mistakes mainly when driving over bumps in a car / minibus. After the update, the bracelet began to show the name of the caller, it is very convenient. In order for the bracelet to measure the pulse, it must fit the hand quite tightly. For several days, the bracelet emitted a specific smell, if you sniff it strongly, after a week the smell disappeared. My recommendation is to definitely take».

Boryak Denis Vladimirovich: «I have been using it for over a week. I use a third-party program, set it up for myself. Satisfied completely. For a week I caught 2 scratches, the first one accidentally hooked on the wall, the second I can't imagine where. Also, the dog pulled a little claw at the strap (while playing with his paw on my hand). In general, I am more than satisfied, I can advise everyone, but I immediately warn you, if you are not ready to buy every six months to buy a new bracelet - glue the film».

Burdin Alexander Nikolaevich: «Reinstalling the Mi Fit application helped this gadget to work correctly. The pedometer works with good accuracy. Sleep parsing into phases was incredibly surprising with its algorithm, it tracks and monitors sleep quite accurately. If you are a fan of cycling, then I recommend installing the Google Fit app on your smartphone and syncing it with Mi Fit.

Advantages: pedometer, heart rate monitor, accelerometer, anti-allergy strap.

Disadvantages: easily soiled screen, short vibration range on the alarm clock».

Watch a video about Xiaomi Mi Band

SAMSUNG Smart Charm

Stylish SAMSUNG Smart Charm pleases with design and minimalism.The manufacturer offers it in different colors. This gadget does not look like a familiar bracelet at all. It looks like a piece of jewelry, perfect for a business or casual style.

The side faces of the case are made of metal, the back surface and fastening to the strap are made of plastic, and on top there is glass with a smooth bend. The bracelet shines beautifully in the light and gives the impression of an elegant little thing.

In bright light, an LED indicator is visible under the glass in the center. It flashes in three colors:

  • blue - for notifications,
  • green - when charged,
  • red - in the process of charging.

Smart Charm is light as a feather: it weighs only 3 grams and is not felt at all on your hand. You will not find high technologies in it - the device does not even have a vibration signal and sleep phase tracking. But the built-in accelerometer counts steps, distance traveled and calories. But this simplicity has its own charm. The lack of "bells and whistles" made the device compact, long battery life and the cheapest fitness bracelet from Samsung. Its cost is within 1100 UAH.

Features SAMSUNG Smart Charm

  • Capsule materials: glass, metal.
  • Bracelet materials: high temperature polyurethane.
  • Enclosure protection class: no.
  • Heart rate monitor: no.
  • GPS: no.
  • Sensors: accelerometer.
  • Smart alarm clock: no.
  • Functions: counting the number of calories burned and the distance traveled, call notifications.
  • Battery capacity: 17mAh
  • Autonomous work: up to 14 days.
  • Wireless: Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Weight: 3 g.
  • Compatibility: Android OS.

SAMSUNG Smart Charm User Reviews

Sergey Kovalenko: «Stylish, neatly done. I gave it to my wife for my birthday.

Disadvantages: does not count sleep phases, does not have a heart rate monitor, very unreliable strap, unfastens from the slightest effort, almost lost a couple of times, but after 2 months as a gift - lost».

Ekaterina Khudobets: «A beautiful bracelet, "friendly" with the phone, also counts quite accurately. But! The sensor constantly clings to clothes and hair, after several charges the connector “cleared”, after which the sensor became very easy to remove and eventually got lost on the way to work (((For the same money, you can choose a tracker much more reliable ...

Pluses: cute.

Disadvantages: gets tangled in the hair, the sensor is not fixed securely».

Nataliya: «In the characteristics there is an alert about calls, messages, etc. I thought it would vibrate. Will not be. Only knows how to blink. Easily connects with Samsung, does not require additional. programs - displayed in the standard shealth.

The fastener to the strap is an unconvincing plastic. A couple of times I lightly caught on something, on the third (after 2.5 months of operation) the fasteners fell off. That's it, the bracelet can be thrown away».

Trisa Activity Tracker

The striking Trisa Activity Tracker looks versatile and elegant. It looks good on a thin wrist and on a man's hand. The strap does not interfere when you sleep or when you are awake. Ultra lightweight. It is possible to replace it with another juicy color - blue, green, red, etc. You can be in a new image every day.

The device connects to Android OS and iOS. Thanks to the free app, it keeps track of steps taken, calories burned and distance traveled. So every day it will be possible to determine the degree of their activity. The 70 mAh battery works without interruption for seven days. Manufacturer's warranty - 5 years. It costs about 1200 UAH.

Features of Trisa Activity Tracker

  • Bracelet materials: silicone.
  • Color: blue, green.
  • Enclosure protection class: no.
  • Heart rate monitor: no.
  • Functions: Tracks sleep and calories burned, distance traveled, and steps taken.
  • Battery capacity: 70 mAh.
  • Autonomous work: up to 7 days.
  • Wireless communication: Bluetooth, USB.
  • Compatibility: Android OS, iOS.

Atrix ProFit Mono

Vibration ATRIX ProFit Mono will not wake up, but it will show all the data about the training. This is a simple pedometer bracelet: it displays the time and date, can count calories burned and steps taken. It does not need to be synchronized with a smartphone, the bracelet is autonomous - all data is displayed.

The gadget is not afraid of water and dirt.With active use, the charge lasts for 3 days, in standby mode - 7 days. Compatible with Apple iOS and Android. Connects to the phone using Bluetooth 4.0.

It is produced in different colors - orange, yellow, black, blue, green. Costs within 500 UAH.

Atrix ProFit Mono characteristics

  • Bracelet material: silicone.
  • Body material: plastic.
  • Color: orange, yellow, black, blue, green.
  • Enclosure protection class: IP57.
  • Heart rate monitor: no.
  • Functions: monitors calories burned and steps taken, displays date and time.
  • Battery capacity: 25mAh.
  • Autonomous work: in standby mode up to 7 days, with active use - 3 days.
  • Wireless: Bluetooth.
  • Compatibility: Android OS, iOS.

From the review about Atrix ProFit Mono: “I bought such a device in order to somehow balance my physical activity with the diet. The problem of excess weight has existed for a long time, but at times it is noticeably aggravated and this winter I again gained almost seven completely extra pounds. There is simply no time to go to the gym, and I cannot find the desire to sweat on the simulators either. But to increase walking and use the stairs instead of the elevator is quite within my power. And here you cannot do without daily self-control. And this bracelet is specially designed for just such a task.

This is a fairly simple device that is equipped with a built-in accelerometer-gyroscope. All he can do is count the number of steps and, based on this, calculate the distance traveled and calories burned. Moreover, it can work autonomously, I usually do synchronization with a smartphone at the end of the day, in a calm evening home environment. And already here, on the big screen of the smartphone, you can summarize the day and draw conclusions. In short, in two weeks I have more than doubled the distance on foot and have already lost 1.5 extra pounds. The bracelet is comfortable, I felt it on my hand for no more than two or three days, then I got used to it and did not notice it at all. It has a relatively bright OLED screen and can show the time. The battery is tiny, but the gadget's own consumption is scanty - it can easily live five days without recharging. There is protection against splashes of water and dust, of course you cannot swim, but the rain will survive without problems. Compatible with any modern Android smartphone, the fundamental point is support for bluetooth version 4.0 or higher.

It is charged using a special cradle, and if you lose it or something happens to it, then it will be unrealistic to replace it. And I also realized that I really miss the heart rate monitor, but its absence at such a retail price cannot be called a disadvantage.».

Acme ACT03

The Acme ACT03 fitness bracelet is the most budgetary of the Acme line. The classic black strap goes well with any style of clothing. The clasp is reliable: it will unfasten - it will hang on the hand, but will not fall off.

It has a good price-performance ratio. The gadget is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that provides 14 days on a single charge. Waterproof, nothing will happen to it if you shower without removing the bracelet.

The smart "strap" is equipped with a pedometer, it calculates the distance traveled, steps taken and calories burned. ACT03 monitors the duration of your sleep, records deep and superficial phases, the time of falling asleep and waking up. And the best part is that it instantly notifies you if you forget your phone or move away from it. All information is displayed on a monochrome OLED display with a diagonal of 0.49 ''.

The gadget is not afraid of shocks, dust and dirt. Compatible with Android OS, iOS (iOS 7 and above, Android 4.4 and above). Connects via Bluetooth. It costs about 400 UAH.

Acme ACT03 specifications

  • Bracelet materials: silicone.
  • Enclosure protection class: yes.
  • Functions: sleep tracking, calories burned, distance traveled, incoming call and message alerts, signal from device out of service range.
  • Battery capacity: 55mAh.
  • Autonomous work: up to 14 days.
  • Wireless: Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Compatibility: Android OS, iOS.

Reviews of Acme ACT03

Elizabeth: «I thought it was a useless thing, it turns out that I still need it! Multifunctional, and there is a clock, and how much it will write, and how it slept will report. Also calories))) Now I think, how did I live without him? Lightweight, not felt on the hand. Glows brightly in the dark. When you raise your hand, the backlight comes on. Unusual design. The charge holds up to 2 weeks! Saves data on the phone».

Pavel Kravets: «Lightweight, cheap, there is a vibration and smart alarm clock, a good battery. Disadvantages: no heart rate monitor».

Alexander Gizha: «I have been using it for the 4th month already. In work, he showed himself normally. So far, there are no complaints.

Advantages: inexpensive, practical, convenient.

Disadvantages: the "wave of the hand" function is sometimes activated on its own».

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Watch the video review of the ACME fitness bracelet line