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WHAT IS SMART TV - what does smart TV function on TV mean

I have a friend, a retired colonel, an ironic and perceptive man. Recently, he laughed so hard at a political talk show that his TV fell off the curbstone. The question arose about choosing a new one. “What is smart TV on TV?” He asked me.

The question seems naive, but it is essentially correct. Smart TV is the ability to use the benefits of the Internet built into digital TVs. "Yes, this is freedom from conventional television!" The colonel exclaimed. And he was right. The owner of a smart TV (smart - in English, smart) can, at his discretion, choose films and entertainment programs from the endless reserves of the Internet. But that's not all.

What a smart TV is capable of

Let's take a closer look at what Smart TV is on a TV.

  1. Substitution of terrestrial television... Stop getting interesting films, cartoons and programs drop by drop! Create your own rich program using online video content resources: Netflix, Zoomby, Ivi, Tvigle, YouTube and many more.
  2. Access to social networks... Clicked on the Facebook, Vkontakte or Twitter symbol on the smart TV screen - and your favorite social network opened. True, in order to fully write texts into it, you need to connect a keyboard to the TV set. Good news: the keyboard can be wireless and lie on the couch.
  3. Skype communication... If your TV doesn't have a camera, you'll have to buy one. But the picture quality will be just excellent. How not to shout: "Mom, I'm in a smart TV!".
  4. Photo and video library... Connect a USB flash drive, hard drive and watch photos and videos on the big screen. They can also be "thrown" between the TV and smartphone wirelessly.

Smart TV proves it's okay not to depend on TV channels. With it, you will find out the weather forecast, exchange rates, get access to sports programs and games. Smart TV can be controlled from a smartphone. True, there is one more control method, which somewhat strained my acquaintance colonel: voice and gesture control. Now it is useless to hide the remote control from your beloved wife if she wants to switch to the series during a football match. I hope they come to an agreement.

Smart TV: the future is already today

A new era is what Smart TV stands for. It is constantly evolving. Major software developers are competing with each other to dominate the smart TV market. Android TV giant Google has already announced that its operating system will allow smartphones to be used as game controllers for the Smart TV platform.

Developers from Phillips and Peel are working on an infrared sensor through which signals can be transmitted from device to device. With its help, we will control a smart TV through a smart watch. For gamers, the developers of operating systems for Smart TV promise to organize support for the popular PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

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