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HOW TO CARE SUEDE SHOES AND NUBUK - how to clean suede and nubuck at home

Before you start wearing your new shoes, be sure to wipe them with a dry soft cloth or brush and treat with a water-repellent spray or solution. Spray the surface of clean shoes until slightly damp, then dry. Suede shoes dry 10-12 hours, leather shoes a little faster.

Suede is a soft, velvety leather on both sides made from the hides of deer, elk, wild goats, sheep and dairy calves. It is used to make expensive stylish shoes for “parquet” wearing. The main difference between suede and nubuck is that it is waterproof, since it is made with fat tanning.

Nubuck is the rough skin of adult cattle and pigs. It is heavily sanded from the front side, due to which a characteristic hairiness appears. But sanding removes the top layer of the skin, along with which it loses its natural protection from water. Further salt tanning does not compensate for the lost protective properties. As a result, harsh nubuck requires more care than delicate suede. Especially considering that shoes made of it are worn in more extreme conditions.

Due to the hairiness, nubuck sometimes looks like velor leather. But the latter is thinner, so it is mainly used for urban boots that are not intended for outdoor adventures. An exception may be ankle boots, for which flexibility is important. Velor is more water resistant as it is treated with aluminum or chrome soaps and silicone.

How to clean suede shoes

You will need a soft rubber brush and special suede care products - creams, sprays, silicone-based emulsions. Apply them only on a dry surface.

1. Cleaning from dust

During each "dry" walk, an invisible layer of dust settles on suede. It should not be allowed to accumulate so that the color of the shoes does not lose brightness. Spray the shoes with foam cleaner and wait 10 minutes. The foam will gradually settle, pulling dirt out of the pile. Remove the remains with a brush.

2. Protection against water

Yes, suede is waterproof, but dirty water leaves a sludge on its surface. It is necessary to minimize its adhesion to the pile so that the drops simply roll off the shoe. To do this, a water-repellent impregnation is sprayed onto the suede until the agent ceases to be absorbed. The impregnation is colorless and leaves no residue after drying.

3. Cleaning from dry dirt

After being exposed to rain, let the shoes dry. Then remove the dirt with a brush, eraser, or an adhesive-backed garment roller.

4. Cleaning from fresh greasy stains

At a corporate party, a cake fell on his shoes. We do the following. Blot the stain with a paper towel. Then sprinkle generously with talcum powder or potato starch. Leave it on for a while, then brush off the powder.

5. Removal of old grease stains

Apply a mixture of equal amounts of starch and ammonia to the stain. After it dries, peel off. Lift up the stuck-up fluff with a brush.

How to clean nubuck

You can't wash - this is an iron rule. Wipe off the dirt with a damp sponge dipped in warm water and ammonia. Do not use soap or detergents. When the shoe is dry, spray the surface with a water repellent spray.

If dark spots appear on the skin, this is the grease with which the manufacturer soaked it in order to give the nubuck protection from water. After applying a water-repellent spray, their appearance may decrease.

How to restore a flat pile surface on suede and nubuck

Spray the shoes with a jet of hot steam and brush up the caked pile with a brush.

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Watch our video review of how you can quickly and easily clean suede

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