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How to choose an office chair

Almost all people in old age complain of back pain, varicose veins, damage to the intervertebral discs and headaches. These are the consequences of sedentary sedentary work. At the same time, the position in which we work is of great importance. All this directly depends on the chair on which we sit.

A logical question arises: is it possible to somehow avoid all the listed disadvantages and consequences of sedentary work? The answer is simple: you just need to properly organize your workplace, paying special attention to the chair, as one of its most important components.

To create the most comfortable and harmless office chairs, modern designers are sure to turn to scientists who deal with issues of ergonomics. As a result of joint work, office chairs are produced, all the details of which are thought out to the smallest detail.

There are the following main types of office chairs:

VIP chairs for executives are an expensive chair that will emphasize the status of the owner. Indicators of this type of armchair are genuine leather of the highest quality, a solid size, a cross-piece and armrests made of chrome-plated metal or natural wood, and the softness of the pillows.

Chairs for executives (directors) are divided into three types: the version with a plastic base, with a base made of chrome and wood (Extra).

Chairs for office staff, which are also suitable for home use.

Chairs for clients.

Baby seats.

Manufacturers also pay particular attention to enhancing the durability and practicality of office chairs and chairs.

What should you look for when choosing office chairs? The main thing is technical characteristics.

Quite high requirements are imposed on modern work chairs. Let's consider the main ones.

First, the office chair must be mobile, that is, it must be easy to move. To achieve this, manufacturers equip chairs with wheels and a movable base.

Secondly, the chairs should have a system for adjusting the backrest and seat height with one hand, so that you do not have to get up from the chair. This system is called a gas lift - a pneumatic seat lift mechanism. It is also worth paying attention to the presence of a shock absorber in the adjustment mechanism so that the load on the spine is mitigated during a change in position. So that you do not have any difficulties while adjusting the chair to the figure, the mechanisms should be smooth and light. In this case, even on the most difficult working days, you will feel comfortable in your chair.

If you choose a chair with an armrest, you will get additional support for the elbow joint, which also does not hurt. The most important aspect is the shape of the back of the chair. Its ergonomics is achieved by the shape of the frame, by thickening the upholstery of the chair or by a roller in the place of the lumbar deflection. Please note that the seat is fitted with a thick layer of high resilience foam with thickenings in the peripheral area for better fixation of the body in an upright position. The front edge of the seat should be soft and rounded to avoid pinching the blood vessels in your legs.

When choosing a chair, special attention should be paid to its base. Please note that the casters can be soft or hard for different types of flooring. In addition, the rollers must be equipped with a braking and locking mechanism. Currently, the choice of office chairs is so great that their manufacturers are trying to improve the ergonomics mechanisms as much as possible in order to get ahead of their competitors.For example, a flexible body mechanism was invented, which allows the chair to repeat the shape of the body through the work of the hinges built into the seat and the upper part of the back.

Today, there are different types of mechanisms that form the basis of the office chair design. One of them, quite common, is a centered chair, which resembles a rocking chair. The seat and backrest can simultaneously tilt with respect to the horizontal axes at points that coincide with the pivot points.

There are also mechanisms with offset axes. The type of such a device resembles the previous one, only the tilt point in such chairs is located closer to the edge of the seat.

The mechanisms of constant contact provide constant support for the back, since the seat and backrest in such chairs move independently of each other. As a result, the backrest automatically follows the movements of the seated person and thus provides contact with his back. But the most advanced at the moment is the mechanism with synchronization. The back and seat of a chair with such a mechanism change their position at the same time, and this allows the seated person to relieve static muscle tension and unload the spine in one motion.

The choice of material for upholstery.

Due to the fact that the so-called working surfaces of the seat and back are in constant contact with a person, special types of furniture fabrics - "breathable" - are considered the most suitable for them, which will avoid cooling and overheating in any humidity and weather. Also, leather (natural), thin, elastic, dense fabric can be ideal. The back surface of the backrest and the lower surface of the seat are trimmed with leatherette or plastic. It is desirable that the fabric is vapor and waterproof. In addition, the upholstery should not be too thick and soft, as it can contribute to the development of incorrect posture. The main task of a good chair is to subtly force a person to take the correct position while sitting.

A little about the armrests.

Most computer chairs are equipped with armrests. Therefore, when choosing a chair, it is advisable to also take into account their convenience and parameters. The height of the armrests should be such that your hands rest freely on them. If the elbows rest on the armrests, then the raised shoulders in this case will deform the spine.

Summarize. What to consider when choosing an office chair?

office chairs for managers and employees must necessarily have wheels that will easily move both on a fleecy surface and on a smooth floor;

the need for armrests is determined by the length of time that office employees work with the keyboard (in this case, elbow support is needed), as well as how often they leave the workplace (armrests provide support when getting up from the chair);

so that the rocking process in the rocking chair mode looks solid and the knees do not rise too high, the rocking axis must be brought forward from under the central part of the chair;

chairs and armchairs for visitors should be of a minimum width and with a low back, preferably without wheels, so that the visitor does not spin on the chair during a conversation;

armchairs for employees should be supported only for the back and shoulders so that there is no temptation to fall asleep in the workplace, and head support is possible for the manager.