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HOW TO CHOOSE A WASHING MACHINE - choosing a good washing machine according to the parameters, which washing machine is better to choose the right one

Which load of the washing machine to choose

Selection of the washing machine by size

Washing classes and spin speed

Washing machine control

You have no idea how to choose an automatic washing machine, so you can't figure out the variety of models? Remember the 4 main parameters that you need to consider when choosing a washing machine.

Choosing a washing machine: 4 characteristics

To know which washing machine is best to choose, decide which type of washing machine you need. If you are changing furniture or making repairs, you can pick up a built-in washing machine.

Consider whether you need a drying function. Choosing a washing machine with a dryer is appropriate if you have a large family or small children, as the machine dries clothes quickly. It is only slightly damp when dispensed. saturated with hot air. Such washers consume more electricity than conventional washing machines and are more expensive.

Please note: in our store you can buy folding dryers so that you have somewhere to hang your laundry.

Washing machine: load type selection

To choose a washing machine, consider its features:

  • Top-loading takes up less space in the room. The control panel is on top and the lid also opens up. Therefore, you do not need to bend over to lay or unload the laundry (important for the elderly);
  • Front-loading machines wash more laundry in one cycle (depending on model) than vertical ones. They have a transparent hatch (you can observe the washing process) and a convenient touch panel (not all models) that displays the washing parameters.

Selection of the washing machine by size

If you do not have extra space in the bathroom (in the kitchen) and you do not want to furnish the room with dimensional appliances, choose a narrow model. Modern models are roomy, despite the fact that they are narrow, and are equipped with all the necessary functions for a high-quality wash.

Standard sizes of washing machines:

  • with front loading - 85X60 cm,
  • from horizontal - 90X40 cm.

The depth, without the protrusion of the handles, is different:

  • very narrow (less than 35 cm),
  • narrow (35-44 cm),
  • standard (45-55 cm),
  • deep (more than 55 cm).

There are also low washers with a height of up to 70 cm, designed for installation under the sink.

Despite the fact that the compact technique takes up less space, there is not much laundry in it - about 3.5 kg. In large washers - up to 14 kg.

Washing classes and spin speed

The efficiency of the washing equipment is determined in letter codes. Before deciding which washing machine to choose, consider 3 main criteria:

  • spin class (indicator of the moisture content of the clothes after spinning):
    • A - <45%,
    • B - 45-54%,
    • C - 54-63%,
    • D - 63-72%,
    • E - 72-81%,
    • F - 81-90%,
    • G -> 90%;
  • the class of electricity consumption depends on the efficiency of the device. The higher the value, the lower the consumption:
    • A - about 1 kW / h,
    • A + - 0.7-0.9 kW / h,
    • A ++ - 0.5-0.6 kW / h, etc .;
  • washing class:
    • A and B - effective washing,
    • C, D and E - less effective,
    • F and G are the lowest wash level.

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The spin speed varies from 800 to 1600 rpm. Cars with the highest speed are 30-40% more expensive than ordinary cars. However, the laundry is still damp and needs to be dried. The optimal drum speed is 1000 rpm. At higher rpms, things stretch and lose their appearance.

How to choose the right washing machine: management

Modern models are equipped with a large number of modes and functions:

  • easy to wash different types of fabrics,
  • bio-programs remove complex stains of blood, grass, berries, etc.,
  • special modes make ironing easier.

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The control of the electronic display is intuitive and convenient, since it displays the remaining time until the end of the wash, the selected program, temperature mode, and other parameters.

Now you know how to choose a good washing machine.

The purchased washing machine in our store will be professionally installed by specialists and connected to the water supply and power supply. The same one will explain all the nuances of the instructions and show how to operate it.

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Order the product right now and we will deliver the purchase tomorrow at a convenient time for you.

These machines wash your laundry perfectly, even at 15 ° C, because powder and air-saturated water penetrate fabrics 40 times faster than with regular washing.

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