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A handbag is an indispensable attribute of a woman's image and style!

Women's handbags are indispensable accessories that allow you to display your own style, individuality, as well as the social status of a woman.

The online store invites you to familiarize yourself with the description of bags, their types, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of various products.

Classification of bags depending on the main purpose

Before going to a women's accessories store, you need to decide in what situations your handbag will come in handy. Some people (especially men) are mistaken in believing that it is enough for a woman to have one single handbag for all situations in life. There is one "BUT": each handbag has its own place and time.

1. Accessory for work / office

Any handbag, the main purpose of which is to "accompany" a woman to the place of work and back home, must certainly have practicality, since it will move and store not only a purse, cosmetic bag and lunch, but also all kinds of documents, magazines or books, a diary, etc. other things that are useful for the professional activity of a woman.

In no case should a business handbag have a bright and catchy color - you should give preference to black, brown or gray colors. The shape of such a handbag should not be intricate or ornate, because such pretentiousness will not always be in place (for example, when conducting business negotiations). The ideal business bag is a satchel bag. An accessory of this type will complement the image of a business woman in a suit and will allow you to place all the necessary documents and personal belongings in it.

Preference should be given to bags made of genuine leather and with a more or less well-known brand name, because you often have to give the impression of a successful person in business negotiations. And the presence of such a bag will characterize its owner as a person who prefers quality and reliability.

2. Everyday handbag

For walking, shopping or “for every day”, you should purchase a practical medium-sized bag with a significant number of pockets (for example, the PoolParty Safari Poolparty Hunk, PoolParty Tulip Beige or PoolParty Tulip Darkbrown model). You should choose a bag model that would be able to accommodate "permanent" things (cosmetics, mobile phone, wallet, notebook, pen, glasses, etc.). There should be several pockets and compartments in the bag - then you can sort all your personal belongings and always remember what is where.

3. Handbag for parties and social events

When choosing an accessory for a social reception or a party, you should show the same responsibility and attention as if you were choosing an exclusive piece of jewelry. To go to a restaurant, to a party or to the theater, every woman should have a small handbag - a clutch.

The most that you can place in it is a small cosmetic bag and a mobile phone - those things that you will need at events of this nature in the first place.

Handbag - clutch should emphasize your unique style, focus on your features, be bright and catchy. The presence of a large bulky bag at a social party, theater or restaurant will tell others about the poor taste and lack of knowledge of etiquette of its owner.

4. Bag for household needs

It is not at all necessary to go shopping with an expensive or exquisite handbag. The main property that such a bag should have is practicality and spaciousness.Currently, the so-called eco-bags are very popular, the material of which is environmentally friendly (we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the models PoolParty Puffy Eco-Bags (pp4), PoolParty Puffy Ego-Bags (ns8-gray) and PoolParty Puffy Ego-Bags (ns8 )).

It is very convenient to go to shops and markets with eco-bags. The main attention should be paid to the characteristics of the handles - they must have strength and reliability, because sometimes they have to withstand the weight of a significant amount of purchased goods.

5. Beach bag

The beach bag is a summer accessory that is indispensable for your holiday by the sea. These types of bags don't always have to be expensive and super durable. The main requirement for a beach bag is a bright and original design (if possible, with marine pictures), which will be in place on the seashore.

Transparent waterproof bags are in great demand nowadays to keep your belongings dry in the sand near the sea. It is considered good form to have a beach bag that matches the color of the swimsuit or pareo of its owner.

Types of bags depending on the material from which the bag is made

Modern women's bags can be made from a variety of materials: code or leatherette, textiles, satin, linen and other fabrics. Each specific situation involves a choice in favor of a handbag made of one or another material.

1. Genuine leather accessory

Handbags made of genuine leather are the most practical of all types of products. Such a bag will serve you with dignity for several years: it is very easy to wash such a bag, the product is not subject to rubbing and cracking (for example, PoolParty City-Black, PoolParty Leather City Alligator (croco-black), PoolParty Leather City Alligator (croco- brown and PoolParty Leather City Alligator (croco-red).

The most common reason for sending a leather handbag "to retire" is the banal annoyance of wearing the same accessory for several years in a row. When buying a product made of genuine leather, first of all, you should pay attention to the sections, because it is by them that you can determine the "naturalness" of the material of the handbag.

In no case should threads peep out of the sections. Sometimes on the product you can see decorative pieces of leather, which served as the material for the manufacture of this model. This feature indicates that you have not purchased a fake.

2. Leatherette accessory

A worthy alternative to a leather product is a leatherette handbag (for example, the PoolParty Safari Poolparty Hunk model). With the help of modern technologies, manufacturers of the material manage to produce substitutes for natural leather that have excellent quality, sometimes not inferior to natural leather. The appearance of a bag made of a genuine leather substitute often does not differ at all from a leather product. The disadvantages of leatherette are the susceptibility to cracking (especially the handles of the bag) in the cold and the frequent ripping of the seams of the product. The price of a handbag made from a leather substitute can sometimes be equal to the price of a natural product, but is it worth paying more for a material of less quality than genuine leather?

3. Accessory made of fabric (textile)

Bags made of fabric are highly popular and in demand at the present time (we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the models PoolParty Puffy Bags From Quilted Fabric (pool-70-scott-gray), PoolParty Puffy Bags From Quilted Fabric (pool-60-gray- sweater) and PoolParty Puffe Bags (ns1-oleni-white)).

Such products are highly durable, environmentally friendly and very easy to use. However, it is not possible to use a fabric handbag for all purposes and situations, since it is a simpler everyday option. Some models of fabric bags are difficult to wash, so the choice of product should be based on the principle of maximum practicality.

Optional accessories and lining

Before purchasing a bag, carefully inspect all the accessories available. Large, medium and small parts (clasps, zippers, buttons, fasteners, etc.) must be made of high quality materials. A careful visual assessment will help you acquire a reliable product. Be sure to check the functioning of the locks and zippers.If lightning chews on material, it will most likely quickly become unusable.

Currently, many bag manufacturers prefer to save on the quality of the fittings: over time, the top coating applied to the locks and buttons is erased, as a result, the bag completely loses its aesthetic appearance. In such situations, buyers rely on the seller's honesty. The bags of many world brands contain accessories made of precious or semi-precious metals: pure gold, titanium or palladium. The presence of such parts automatically assigns the product to a high price category, and such a purchase is not for everyone on a budget.

The lining material of the handbag should be soft, but at the same time durable. The best option is to purchase a bag with a synthetic fabric lining like nylon or nylon.

The artificial "glass" material of the lining of many Chinese bags will tear quickly enough to the touch, so you should not opt ​​for such bags.

Varieties of bags depending on their shape

The shape of the chosen accessory should be given special attention. Modern designers offer clients the widest product line for every taste and budget. At present, it is enough just to decide on your specific image, in order to use the accessory, with the style features.

1. Hobo handbag

The shape of the Hobo bag resembles a crescent. Such a product usually has one main lock. The Hobo bag contains a single crescent-shaped handle and is medium in length. In such bags there is no dense body - they are quite soft. Under certain circumstances, the Hobo bag will seem very practical, since the shape allows you to hold a significant amount of things. For a business woman, such a bag is definitely not suitable, since it is impossible to keep papers and documents in it in an unwrinkled form. Hobo handbags will prove to be indispensable accessories for everyday use and walking.

2. Roomy bag (Satchel)

The Satchel shape bag is ideal for work and everyday wear. The bottom of such a bag is very dense, and the walls are quite soft, which allows you to place a significant amount of all kinds of things and goods in the bag, be it business papers or clothes for training. Residents of modern cities, who have to visit many different places and events during the day, prefer this type of bag. A bag of this type will allow you to always keep everything close at hand. This type of bag is very common, so you can choose your bag model without much difficulty.

3. Solid frame type bag

The Frame-type bag has a solid frame, which means it does not bend and keeps its shape perfectly. In this type of bag, your things will remain uncrumpled, will not turn over, will not crack, etc. The dense, durable bottom will allow you to place absolutely all the essentials in the bag, and additional pockets will allow you to sort out all kinds of household trifles. The classic version of the Frame bag assumes the presence of one small handle for carrying in the hands (not on the shoulder).

4. Wristlet waist bag

The small Wristlet bag attaches to the waist, has no handles, but contains a very comfortable adjustable strap. It is convenient to walk with such a bag, go on hikes, because it will allow you to place most of the necessary things (cosmetic bag, napkins, mobile phone). The main advantage of the Wristlet bag is that it does not take up your hands.

Currently, there are analogues of the Wristlet handbag: small bags with a long strap that need to be worn obliquely over the shoulder (like a messenger bag). The bag rests on the waist of the owner and always allows you to quickly and conveniently get the necessary thing out of it, be it a mobile phone or a small mirror.

5. Tote bags

Compared to the Hobo and Frame, the Tote is much larger, with two handles and an open top. There are absolutely no clasps in Tote bags, occasionally there is one button in the center of the product. Due to this feature, such a bag is recognized as practical and convenient. In appearance, the Tote bag is similar to the shopping bag - so popular in celebrity circles: these representatives wear it glamorously on a bent elbow. The cruel realities of modern life do not always allow the use of tote-type bags, since the lack of a fastener and the constantly open or slightly open top of a fashionable handbag are provocations for pocket fraudsters. In addition, if you rush to carry such a bag at a train station or airport, there is a risk of dropping something out of it.

6. Bag - clutch (Clutch)

The ideal option for going to an elite institution, to the opera or to a lavish celebration is a small evening clutch bag. Such a bag will only allow you to hold the minimum amount of things (for example, lipstick, a mirror and a mobile phone). The main purpose of the clutch is not so much to carry the necessary little things, but to complement the solemn image of a woman. Clutches are often made of textiles - satin, velvet, velor, but leather models of handbags are also widespread.

The main requirement for a clutch bag is brightness: the more sequins, rhinestones, ruffles and all kinds of decor there are on the clutch, the more festive the product is considered. It is recommended to buy an uncomplicated black clutch bag - such a product will suit any cocktail or evening dress.

It should be noted that nowadays more and more women prefer the clutch as an accessory for everyday wear. Again, this fact is a sign of a lack of taste and insufficient knowledge of the rules of etiquette in the owner of a clutch bag. After all, contemplation of a woman with a clutch in a minibus or subway at rush hour will only cause bewilderment among others. For everyday wear, there are other models of bags mentioned above.

The choice of a bag in accordance with the characteristics of the figure of the hostess

Tall and slender girls should prefer wearing Hobo and Wristlet shaped handbags. The height of such a bag should be less than its width, the handle should be long enough, otherwise the woman's figure will seem too elongated to those around her.

Small and slender girls should not make their choice in favor of large Tote-type bags, since this model will visually make her owner even shorter in height: you will not look favorably against the background of a bulky bag. The short stature of a woman will be further emphasized by long arms or a handle. It is recommended for a short girl to wear a Hobo-style handbag.

It is preferable for chubby girls to make a choice in favor of medium-sized handbags with an original texture or an interesting print. Too large a bag will make the whole woman's image bulky, and too small will focus on the fullness of the hostess. The best option for a bag for chubby girls is the medium-sized Satchel model

The online store wishes you a good choice!

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