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Tenergy rubbers overview

So, let's start with the fact that the Tenergy family consists of 25, 25 FX, 05, 05 FX, 64, 64 FX and 80... All racket pads perform at their best on carbon blades.

  • Tenergy 25 - this rubber is very different from its "brothers". The main difference is inside the pad, the spikes under the rubber are located farther apart. Due to this, it turned out to be tough, with strong grip, and uncontrollable. It would seem that the hard rubber should be the fastest in this family, but this is far from the case. The fastest is Tenergy 64. Tenergy 25 is best played at the table with short balls, cuts and stands. One has only to incorrectly handle the ball in the middle zone from the table, the ball immediately hits the net. It is very difficult to control it, since there is no control at all during twists.
  • Tenergy 25 FX - softer than its predecessor. She can show all her maximum qualities on a carbon base. Due to its softness, it became more controllable. Now you can play powerful top spins and not be afraid to miss. This rubber can be used for trimming and rolling top spin. But do not relax in terms of movement, if you do not have time to run with your feet, the ball will fly into the net.
  • Tenergy 64 Is the most popular rubber in the Tenergy family. This rubber is soft and controllable, but also the fastest. It has no equal, because it allows you to execute a whole series of punches, both in the near and in the far zone from the table. Build your game on undercuts, as well as set the desired trajectory of the ball with the strongest rotation. Due to the fact that it is soft, it is easier to handle the ball with it. When the rubber is stiff, you may not feel the ball, and with the Tenergy 64 you will be able to carry the ball on the racquet even when doing a top spin on a strong undercut. The cover should not be glued to rubber glue, it is best to glue it once per water and not remove it until it is completely worn out.
  • Tenergy 64 FX - even softer, with an amazing catapult effect. Has strong grip, high speed and more control. Has acquired more variability in the game, but because of the softness does not forgive mistakes, all the shots must be brought to the end, as well as sit down under the ball. Dynamics and stability will now come to the fore, it will become your assistant. The disadvantage of this pad is that it wears out faster and does not have a strong grip.
  • Tenergy 05 - very similar to Tenergy 64. Fast rubber with good grip and control. Will allow you to produce the same range of punches and capabilities.
  • Tenergy 05 FX - softer than its predecessor, but with the same maximum grip. Both rubbers are designed for aggressive play, they will allow you to twist on the opponent's attacks. Deliver powerful blows with strong spin. This rubber is the most versatile, balancing speed, traction and control to suit players of all styles and levels of play. They are even used by defenders for undercutting and counterattacking.
  • Tenergy 80 - brand new pad. It can be said to be an improved Tenergy 05. The topship is positioned exactly the same and the thickness is the same as the Tenergy 05. The sponge is medium hard (36 degrees), the upper surface with strong grip, which is good for spinning. This rubber is easier to control than the Tenergy 05. Spin, cut, stand, twist - everything flies into the table. The speed of this rubber is at the highest level, now you will have access to powerful hits with strong rotation. By investing in the shot, you can give the ball a strong spin, if you do not invest, the ball will fly to the opponent's side with weak rotation. To summarize, and compare it with Tenergy 05 and Tenergy 64 - we can say that if you can easily handle these rubbers, you will be disappointed by switching to Tenergy 80. If Tenergy 05 is a heavy rubbish for you, and Tenergy 64 is fast, you you can safely buy yourself Tenergy 80.
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