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LED monitor Samsung PX2370 - The most comfortable viewing conditions for you!

LED monitor Samsung PX2370

The most comfortable image viewing conditions for you!

Excellent color performance, full color gamut.

There is nothing more important about a monitor than how the image on the screen makes you feel. This is why LED monitors have 100% sRGB color gamut. This ensures incredible image integrity and ensures you complete viewing comfort.

The Samsung PX2370 LED Monitor brings you a world of professional picture quality and pure, natural colors. Samsung is a manufacturer that provides 100% sRGB color coverage, so LED monitors accurately reproduce the colors that are output from peripherals such as cameras and printers.

Comfort for the eyes.

Magic Lux technology adjusts the brightness of the screen according to the ambient light for a natural-looking display without straining your eyes.

Magic Lux creates a natural and eye-friendly visual environment. By accurately detecting the intensity of ambient light, Magic Lux adjusts the screen brightness for optimal picture quality and a comfortable viewing experience.

Perfect picture from any angle.

You don't have to sit in a chair in front of the monitor: the innovative Magic Angle technology gives you complete freedom. Even if you are lying or are on the side of the monitor, the image on the screen will be perfect.

Samsung Magic Angle technology delivers crystal clear images and natural colors from bottom, top or side viewing angles.

A monitor built for entertainment.

The unique modern style of the Samsung PX2370 LED monitor will change the way you see the world. The ultra-thin body, the signature Crystal Design concept and the crystal-inspired stand create a sense of natural beauty and allow you to enjoy art in its natural form.

Ultra-thin, ultra-light

The thin and light design of the Samsung PX2370 is truly beautiful at just 16.5mm. The monitor saves space and adds style and elegance to your workplace.

Moonlight Power Button

Style can be seen in every element of the PX2370 monitor. Take the power button, for example. Touch it and it begins to shimmer with moonlight, gently highlighting the pure black color of the case and the crystal clarity of the stand and bezel.

Environmentally friendly LED lighting.

Samsung Eco-LED technology is a holistic approach to monitor design and manufacturing. The superior energy efficiency of LED monitors means you never have to worry about how much power they use. These products are free of halogens and lead, so they are easy to dispose of. By using these monitors, you care about the environment.

Energy efficiency

The Samsung PX2370 monitor is designed with exceptional energy efficiency, so it not only saves you money, but also helps reduce your overall environmental impact. The Samsung PX2370 uses 40% less power than its predecessors and has an ultra-efficient standby mode.

Environmentally friendly from start to finish

As a global leader in display technology, Samsung is committed to the environment. Samsung's unique PX2370 monitor cases are manufactured using infusion technology rather than traditional spray painting. Accordingly, during their production, toxic VOCs do not enter the atmosphere, and at the end of their service life, these devices are easier to dispose of.

Samsung PX2370 monitor: best in every way

The luxurious, stylish, ultra-thin Samsung PX2370 LED monitor uses innovative technology to deliver professional-quality images. The highest energy efficiency and environmental design of these monitors make them one of the most environmentally friendly.These devices help you save energy and money from day one to disposal.

Designed as ideal devices for Windows 7, the monitors are optimized for use with computers running the world's most interactive operating system. With automatic multi-screen settings, the Samsung PX2370 helps you create a great work and play environment.


Screen: * Brightness - 3300 cd / m2

* Contrast - MEGA DCR 1,000,000: 1

* Resolution - 1920 * 1080

* Response time - RTA, 2ms

* Viewing angle - 170/160 (CR> 10)

* Color support - 16.7 million

Input signal: * Video Signal - Analog RGB / DVI / HDMI

* Signal Sync - Separate H / V, Composite, SOG

* Connectors - DVI-I / HDMI / Audio Out / Optical Out

Food: * Power consumption - 28 W

* Standby - <0.3W

* Type - built-in

Features: * Plug & Play - DDC 2B

* Mac compatible - yes

* Bracket for mounting - no

* Body color - Glossy black

* Add. accessories - DVI cable

* Features - Magic Lux, Eco Magic, Magic Return, Magic Angle, MagicBright3,

off timer, image size adjustment, color effects,

customizable button, MagicWizard, MagicTune, AssetManagement utilities,

Windows 7 compatibility

Dimensions (edit) * Monitor dimensions

(with stand) - 557.5 * 433.5 * 233.0 mm

(without stand) - 557.5 * 337.0 * 26.5 mm

* Packing size - 631 * 485 * 151 mm

Weight * Monitor weight - 4.1 kg

* Gross weight - 6.0 kg

Stand * Type - Simple

* Function - Tilt