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Operating system Windows 7 Ultimate

Operating system Windows 7

OS Windows 7 Ultimate, really, the best version of Windows 7.

An overview of the operating system and the cleaning of the koristuvach, how to switch from Windows XP to Windows 7 (Windows Vista, like a prototype of this version, skipped).

Bagato ide rozmov about the new version of the operating system from the Microsoft corporation - Windows 7.

With the choice of operating systems and logical ися think about, and what your personal computer will set up this, and not the version of the system.

From Microsoft Corporation, system characteristics, such as the operating system Windows 7 advances:

CPU (central processing unit) - 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) with a clock frequency of 1 gigahertz (GHz), well, it is more beautiful;

RAM (random access memory) - 1 gigabyte (GB) (for a 32-bit system) and 2 GB (for a 64-bit system);

HDD (hard disk) - 16 gigabytes (GB) (for a 32-bit system) and 20 GB (for a 64-bit system);

Video (video card) - graphic attachment DirectX 9.

After installation, it will be possible to add an index of system complexity from the computer's room.

Otzhe, your computer is ready to install Windows 7. The same is true for a robot.

The establishment of the given system є we will overly forgive those must-haves є with light and logical ones. Varto say, when the system is installed, the letterless sector of the disk is 100MB. Tse є the boot sector of the system, which cannot be seen from the provider.

Vibir razdilu, on which the system is installed that utilizes robots with a hard disk - everything works at a simple and intelligent graphical interface.

Immediately zvertaєsh respect for an hour of the system installation - Windows 7 was installed twenty times more borrowed on a hard disk below Windows XP, and installed two times more quickly.

When the system is set up and entangled, immediately there is a new interface, which is easy to use. Great pictograms on the work table, size of which, when bazhanna, you can change.

The control panel in Windows 7 є to complete the tsikava, a new one, and the ability to tune the pid koristuvach. In the middle of the manual functions of the system, you can see the detailed possibility of looking at the front panels of the building.

The "Start" menu can be rich in tsіkavikh nalashtuvan: to display an element of the menu, to display the menu, to display it, or not to display it; You can add a number of items to appear at the menu.

We've already talked about the technical characteristics of a personal computer, and Windows 7 is ready to work with it. A new and corny function for the index of system complexity. Pushing the right button of Misha on My Computer and the Vlastivosti vibrators, by the way, it’s obvious that in any middle information, there will be a number in the index of confusion.

What does a number mean? What are we doing?

Otzhe, Windows Insanity Index assessed the main components of the system on a scale from 1.0 to 7.9. The meaning, as it is, is not the arithmetic mean of the subvalue. However, as soon as you plan to find out your personal computer, then what you need to know about it itself can be done by the index itself.

The Windows Search service will sound like you need to sort out hundreds of folders and included folders to know the required materials. If you want, it’s more beautiful at once all the information is correctly grouped - it’s not necessary to be shukati.

I take the hostile warehouse system to quietly, but the sound of krystuvatsya combinations of keys.

Win + Tab was added to the usual way of switching between windows, while Aero's larynx was vocalized about me.

The toolbar has only one tsikava function: press the Win key and press the number - the program will start locked on the factory panel at the same position, as the number has been tightened.

Keruvannya became easier to see.

Win + arrows keruvannya - flare up, flare up ... (varto sprobuvati). You can also change the size of the screen and order it by simply pulling the screen to the edge of the screen.

There is one more cyclone in the robot with windows - if the title of the window is jammed with the left button of Misha "sweat" - then all the windows, in addition to being active, are "boil over" (burn into the panel of the building). You can also use the Win + Home combination.

And for quiet, hto practical with multimedia outbuildings, if you want to connect another monitor, or a TV set, є the key result is Win + P.

For lovers of experiments, the development of voice commands, as well as English language. If you want the text to be more important by voice typing, that command system is unimaginable.

In the middle of the visual design of the system, it is evident that there is the possibility of adjusting the background of the working table and the function of the snake. Of course, there was a possibility of creating a background web-side, the background could be just a graphic file.

Vikoristovuvati attachments to the work table in this version of Windows has become a bigger tsikavim team, so koristuvach, who knows how to use the basics of HTML, you can independently set up and expand your powerful attachments.

Old-fashioned programs for older versions of Windows - you can easily drive Windows 7 into Windows XP Mode.

And the smartest thing: if the system is more vibrating to the resources of the computer, like Windows XP, the robots are not inferior, the robot is often seen to navigate.

I for completion: the latest version is Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic, which is cheaper than Windows 7 Ultimate (which requires economy).