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HOW TO MAKE TOWELS SOFT - How to restore the softness of terry towels

To restore the softness of the terry towels, it is better to add washing gel and baby softener instead of powder. Table salt, soda, vinegar and laundry soap also soften the towels. But the latter will have to tinker with in order to grind the bar on a grater. And only then add to the detergent compartment.

We advise you to prepare the conditioner yourself. It contains a minimum of chemistry, and each of the ingredients used is at hand.

Recipe number 1: "Natural freshness"

You will need:

  • water - 400 ml,
  • vinegar - 200 ml 9% or 250 ml 6%,
  • odorless hair conditioner - 100 ml.

The result is a concentrated mixture with a delicately pleasant smell. 30-40 ml is enough for one wash.

  • Pour water into a jar → add hair conditioner and shake well.
  • Add vinegar and shake again to mix.

The rinse aid is ready. Pour it into a plastic bottle and store it in it. Add the solution to the rinse aid compartment before each wash.

Recipe number 2: "With sourness"

You will need:

  • boiling water - 500 ml,
  • soda - 1 glass,
  • vinegar of any concentration - 1 glass.

What to do to keep the towels soft.

  • Add baking soda to boiling water, stir and wait for the reaction to stop.
  • Pour the vinegar in a little and in a thin stream. It will seethe.

Pour the finished conditioner into a plastic bottle. Shake the mixture before each use. Add 60-70 ml of this softener to the washing machine. After washing, wet towels smell slightly of vinegar, but as they dry, the smell disappears.

You can add 3-4 drops of any essential oil to these conditioners. After washing, items will smell the way you like.

How to properly wash terry towels

The secret of fluffiness of terry towels is a simple "I can't." All that is needed is to observe 4 rules:

  • soften water
  • do not wash at high temperatures,
  • do not squeeze at high speeds,
  • rinse thoroughly.

To keep bath towels and bathrobes soft, do not iron them and wash with silicone balls (same as down jackets).

The balls do not spoil the drum, but they beat the towels well and they are washed off with a bang. To soften the water, add 3 tbsp. tablespoons of salt, in the detergent compartment - one measuring cup of liquid detergent.

  • Be sure to use an extra rinse to remove chemicals from the fluff.
  • Wash on the "Quick Wash" mode at 40 degrees and 800 rpm.

Before hanging to dry, shake the items to remove the lint. Make sure that they do not dry out, otherwise they will be rough to the touch.

What do you do to keep the towels soft? Share your recipes in the comments. They will definitely come in handy!

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