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How to use a blender correctly - how to cook, whip and use in it, blender attachments (for mashed potatoes, potato pancakes, whisk, chopper)

Do you know about 5 tricks that (with the correct use of a blender) will make it 2 times longer? The blender's instruction manual does not write about this.

How do I use a blender?

Blenders make cooking easy. But stationary ones better beat egg whites and cocktails, knead batter and cream. Some models break ice. In submersible devices, it is good to grind bread crumbs and vegetables, prepare sauces and purees.

Consider 5 points when buying a device:

  • choose a stationary blender with a self-cleaning function. It will automatically clean up after one-touch operation;
  • the glass bowl is easy to clean. But if it breaks, then replacing it is not easy. Plastic containers are durable and lightweight, but absorb odors;
  • take into account the useful volume of the bowl, which differs by 200-300 ml from the total. Indeed, in a container filled to the brim, it is impossible to cook or whip;
  • buy a hand blender with a power of 300 watts or more. He will cope with the task faster and the hand will not get tired during work;
  • stainless steel blender attachments are strong and durable. Plastic - break down quickly.

Your blender will last an order of magnitude more if you adhere to 5 rules:

  • when working for a long time, take obligatory breaks so that the motor does not burn out;
  • clean the knives and container after use to prevent corrosion on the knives;
  • do not grind solid and dry food without adding water. First, the motor will overheat. Secondly, they will not be crushed, but crumbled;
  • hot food or liquid can damage the bowl;
  • chop the food before setting (at least coarsely) so as not to overload the blender.

Use the device with care for its intended purpose and it will serve you 2 times longer.

6 extra blender attachments (manual)

It is easy to create culinary masterpieces with them in 1 minute:

  • The mashed potato attachment easily turns boiled potatoes into a smooth mashed potato;
  • The chopper attachment will coarsely chop meat, herbs, onions, hard cheese, nuts, chocolate and crush ice in a matter of seconds;
  • a whisk attachment whips cream, whites and other products to an airy mass, like a mixer;
  • the dicing attachment is quick to cut fruit or hard vegetables;
  • shredder attachment finely chops vegetables, fruits and hard cheeses;
  • expensive models are equipped with special attachments - hooks for kneading thick dough and a juicer.

With a hand blender, attachments are connected in one motion and can be easily removed for washing.

Now you know everything about how to cook in a blender. In the electronic catalog of our store there is a large selection of kitchen appliances. Order the product right now. Tomorrow we will deliver it at a convenient time for you.

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