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HOW TO CHOOSE ANAL PLUG - how to use an anal plug, what sensations, reviews

In the human body, there are two sphincters of the anus - muscles that "block" the rectum. One driven by the effort of our will. We squeeze and relax it as needed. The other is not controlled, and shrinks when the body commands it. It is this feature that is the basic principle by which anal plugs are selected.

They are divided into two types:

  • those that are used to prepare for anal sex,
  • and for vaginal sex as an additional stimulant.

Types of butt plugs and their size

  • To prepare for anal sex, it is better to use conical models. These smoothly and painlessly enter the anus and expand the sphincter. They are left on for 5-10 minutes to allow the muscles to get used to the foreign body. Vibration toys help you relax and give you a vibrant experience. If your partner's penis is large, it is better to use several plugs of different diameters:
    • smaller at first - up to 2 cm,
    • then more - from 6 cm.
  • For narrowing of the vagina, it is better to choose a rounded or teardrop-shaped one. They are fixed inside and do not slip into the interior. When the cork penetrates, it drops a little and narrows the entrance to the vagina. Men like this, and women create the effect of double penetration. Lovers of large sizes will love the inflatable models. They are introduced inside and the pear is pumped up.

A smooth toy or a ribbed one, decorated with a stone or with a tail, with a suction cup or with a ring - the choice is yours.

The length should be selected based on your own preferences. It is better when the first anal plug is up to 9 cm or 9-10 cm.


Latex, gel, plastic - whatever anal plug you choose, it gives you a violent orgasm. Three materials are popular.

  • Metal

    It is beautiful. And practical, it is heated and cooled. The metal is durable, heavy. Compatible with lubricants on any basis: water, silicone, combination or oil. Quickly relaxes the sphincter, but gives a feeling of coldness. Enamelled - slightly warmer.

  • Silicone

    Will not scratch. It is a safe medical material that does not adsorb harmful substances and does not cause allergies. Silicone is warm, soft, pliable, just right for beginners. But it is "friendly" only with water-based lubricants.

  • Glass

    It can be stored for decades and is compatible with any lubricant. Borosilicate glass does not break; bright handmade gizmos are made from it. But you should not drop the toy, microcracks and chips are formed.

Anal plug reviews

What are the sensations of the butt plug - read the user reviews.

Marusya: «The guy caressed me with his fingers and entered the ass. It was an amazing feeling. Then we bought a cork and it's fire. I cum several times now».

Experienced: «Butt plug to feel the extra arousal from the fact that the member rubs against it inside. A very unusual sensation, but even the smallest silicone (a little more than a finger in thickness) is aggressively felt by the penis. And the girl is just on a high».

Nastya: «I would advise not metal, but silicone. The filling is the same, but it is more comfortable».

the guest: «Girls, I'm a man. The anal toy is a new sensation. If a woman, then fly away. If at home, it's also nice. Turns me on in her ass, turns me on in my».

How to use a butt plug

Before using the anal plug, clean the anus with an enema. Use a lubricant for anal sex. Apply to the plug and around the anus. Then the toy comes in easily and smoothly.

  • Insert the stopper slightly at an angle - towards the navel.
  • If walking is difficult, massage your anus to loosen the muscles.
  • Tilt the plug slowly and insert. When it enters, lift and lower.Do some of these movements.

Now you know how to insert a butt plug. Write in reviews about your feelings, we are interested.

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