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How to choose the right electric meat grinder for the house - what good meat grinder to choose according to the parameters

The first mechanical meat grinder appeared in the middle of the nineteenth century, replacing the traditional chopper knife when preparing minced meat. It became widespread in the forties of the last century, becoming an indispensable assistant in the kitchen.

Manual and electric meat grinders are a single-function unit, but the difference between them is obvious. A manual meat grinder requires a lot of effort to use. Electric, with the right choice, will turn work into a real pleasure. When choosing a meat grinder, you should take into account a number of subtleties - power, overload protection, its type.

Types of meat grinders

Meat grinders are divided into household and industrial. They have a large selection of models, functionally and technically equipped.

Home meat grinders are compact, versatile and easy to use.

Industrial (professional) meat grinders have great power, they are able to work continuously for a long time.

Household meat grinders

The main characteristic is power. It is important to be aware of the maximum amount of running time without interruption. When choosing, check the compliance with safety standards, the quality of the body material and parts. You need to know about the capacity of the container of the processed mass. Check if there is a blockage in the meat grinder - this is important for safety.

If there is not enough power to process a tough piece of meat, the function of reverse rotation of the shaft (reverse) will help. Stop the engine and hold the Reverse button. The auger will start to rotate in the opposite direction and the stuck veins will come out. To prevent the engine from overheating when a bone hits, Bosch and Braun meat grinders use special plastic fuses. Some models of Panasonic meat grinders are equipped with a thermal control system. In case of overheating, the engine simply shuts off.

Characteristics of meat grinders

Meat grinders are of impact and screw type. The built-in meat grinder in the food processor is of the percussion type. Although there are models for sale with a screw meat grinder. Such grinders often lack power. The freestanding meat grinder is of the screw type. Impact differs from the screw type in grinding meat. Here the meat is not rolled, but cut with knives. At the same time, a lot of juice is released and the products will be juicy.

The quality and speed of minced meat preparation depends on the quality and sharpening of the grinder knives. Knives should be made of good steel, then they need to be sharpened at most once or twice a year. Grinder knives can be self-sharpening. Meat grinders with double-edged knives are convenient. These knives can be placed on either side, they last 2 times longer.

The auger, knives, grates must necessarily be metal, since they are designed for a heavy load during the operation of the meat grinder.

How to choose a meat grinder for your home?

When choosing a meat grinder, pay attention to its dimensions and design. Check for additional features. The package of the device should include special cuts of various shapes and methods of grinding meat, fruits and vegetables. Widely used:

  • dice cutting attachments;
  • nozzles for pasta;
  • citrus juicer;
  • grater-slicer;
  • cookie nozzles;
  • nozzles for "Kebbe";
  • mill;
  • juicer for tomatoes;
  • nozzles for potato pancakes;
  • shredder.

Grilles of several diameters, sharp knives, pushers are required.

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Industrial meat grinder

Industrial meat grinders differ in their purpose for different types of use. The main characteristics are considered the type of meat serving, the number of knives and the power of the meat grinder.

They are manual and automatic.Automatic meat grinders involve placing meat in the hopper and start working after pressing the start button.

The number of knives predetermines the possibility of using a meat grinder in different types of production. The classic set includes auger, single-sided knife and grate.

The power of the unit characterizes its performance.

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