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HOW TO DETERMINE BRA SIZE - how to choose a bra, size chart and types of bras

The hardest part is getting your bra size right. To do this, you need to find out the volume under the breast and along the chest. This is where many of us are mistaken, because we do not take into account the nuances. But in vain. Then we wonder why the bust falls out of the cups or the bones "climb" on the chest, press and rub.

How to determine the size of your breasts

  • If you have small firm breasts, stand up straight and measure the circumference of the chest and under the chest with a tape measure.
  • But if the chest is saggy, you will have to bend over to determine the volume on the chest. Bend at a 90-degree angle and use a tape measure to measure your bare chest at the most prominent points.

It turns out two digits. One larger is the girth of the chest, the other smaller is the girth under the bust. Now is the time to determine the size of your bra cup.

Subtract the smaller value from the larger value. For example: 88 cm - 72 cm = 16 cm. This figure indicates the size of the cup, in this case size C (3).

See the chart to determine your bra cup. Here the logic is simple: the size range steps every 2 cm.


Bra cup

10-12 cm

AA (0 size)

12-13 cm

A (1)

13-15 cm

AT 2)

15-17 cm

C (3)

18-20 cm

D (4)

20-22 cm

E (5)

23-25 ​​cm

F (6)

26-28 cm

G (7)

And this size chart will help you round off the calculations correctly in order to determine the exact volume under the bust when choosing a bra.

Bra size (volume)

Bust (cm)

























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How to choose a bra

Beautiful lingerie increases women's self-esteem, corrects the shape of the breasts and makes men happy. And it must also be comfortable - otherwise health problems are inevitable. Therefore, first, decide on the shape of your breasts, and only then you can choose the right bra size.

What bra to wear with small breasts

For a teenager or women with small breasts (up to the second size), the task is clear as daylight. It is necessary to visually enlarge and give roundness! Seamless patterns are suitable for this, in such ones it is most convenient. Push-up is a must have for those with small breasts.

If the chest is narrow and the distance between the breasts is less than one finger, pay attention to the width of the harness (between the cups). It should not cut into the skin. The most successful form of a bra is a cup with a vertical or diagonal seam. And T-shaped. Seamless is also good, in such a bra you will feel more comfortable.

How to choose the right bra for a medium bust

More often it is a B and C cup. Such girls are very lucky, any bra looks gorgeous on them. Just try on what you like and see how comfortable it is. Push-ups with a diagonal or T-stitch seam favorably emphasize women's charms.

But it is important to lift a sagging chest. For this, a push-up with a diagonal seam will work. If your breasts are narrow, choose a bra with a horizontal seam. It visually gives roundness.

How to choose the right bra for large breasts

In this case, the beauty of the product fades into the background. A good degree of support plays the main role, which reduces the load on the spine and redistributes the weight on the body. Therefore, the more seams on the bra, the better it "holds". A winning option is the horizontal seam, which neatly wraps around the bust.

Cotton bras are designed for everyday wear. They are durable and hold their shape perfectly. The body breathes in such, cotton does not cause diaper rash and irritation.

How to choose a bra for very large breasts

For the one with the G and H cup. Such a bust is a luxury and sorrow in one hypostasis.If you walk for a long time without a bra, then there is pain between the shoulder blades or in the shoulders. It’s uncomfortable. To feel good, look at four parameters when choosing a bra:

  1. wide shoulder straps... The larger the mammary glands, the more extensive the harness should be. They hold the weight and do not stretch after a week of wearing;
  2. lateral support gives excellent shrinkage. You feel more comfortable in such a bra;
  3. bra corset... He is the main one for breast support, he accounts for 90% of the severity. The wider it is, the better the load is distributed and the tension is maximally balanced along the back;
  4. three-four-five fasteners high - the bigger, the better. These reliably fix the product, do not unfasten and do not bulge up to the shoulder blades.

Give preference to models with a T-seam. Such people do not just hold, but, as it were, embrace and raise the chest. The diagonal seam looks very good too. But bras with horizontal seams visually expand the chest even more. Not an option.

How to choose a comfortable bra: general guidelines

Manufacturers sew bras according to different patterns. Therefore, before you buy your favorite model, measure it. Put on a bra and watch.

  • The cups should fit snugly against the chest.
  • The corset should fit tightly around the chest, but not cut into the body.
  • The correct position of the belt is strictly horizontal.
  • There should be two fingers under the clasp. Not more. Otherwise, the bra will crawl up.

To make sure you have the right bra size, raise your arms, bend left-right, back and forth. Is it comfortable? Doesn't squeeze anything, don't fall out or slide? So this is your size!

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