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BRINE LAMP HOW TO CHOOSE - how to choose the right salt lamp

The salt lamp combines the latest technology and ancient wisdom. Beauty and practicality materialize in it. It ionizes the air, since the atmosphere of the salt mines is reproduced during the operation of the lamp. That is, a natural atmosphere of sterility is created, in which the protein structure of microbial bodies dies.

The ionization effect is enhanced by the heating of the salt crystal from the bulb in the salt lamps. These bulbs are installed inside the crystal. The crystal salt lamp enhances the environment and improves overall well-being.

In addition to salt lamps, salt candlesticks in the form of candles are also used. They spread soft and natural light. The effects of salt candlesticks are exactly the same as those of salt lamps.

The amazing qualities of a salt lamp are based on an active interaction in three aspects: the chemical-physical properties of salt, light and color.

Due to the large number of useful properties, salt is deservedly called "white gold". After all, they knew about the medicinal properties of salt in ancient times. It was used in the treatment of headaches, skin rashes, gout, and poisoning, as a detoxifying agent. In ancient Rome, mineral salt was used to normalize metabolism and strengthen the immune system. Nowadays, even in the manufacture of cosmetics, the beneficial properties of salt have begun to be taken into account.

Salt fumes have a healing effect on the body, which was discovered at the beginning of the twentieth century. It was at this time that underground sanatoriums were being opened on the site of the old salt mines practically all over Europe. They specialized in the prevention and treatment of various diseases by inhaling ionized air. Modern research has shown that small minerals have almost the full spectrum of therapeutic properties of rock salt.

Salt lamps have a beneficial effect on health:

  • strengthen the immune system;
  • act as a sedative. They have no equal in the fight against stress and nervous shocks;
  • give a special charm to any interior;
  • help to cure bronchial asthma, various forms of allergies, skin diseases, respiratory diseases and to normalize blood pressure.

In addition to the properties indicated above, the salt lamp has a number of other qualities:

  • promotes sound sleep in children;
  • promotes relaxation and restores peace of mind;
  • relieves fatigue;
  • eliminates unpleasant odors;
  • in places of high humidity prevents the appearance of mold;
  • reduces the influence of electromagnetic fields emitted by computers and other household appliances;
  • decorates and complements any interior.

How to choose the right salt lamp: what is its originality

The salt lamp consists of 9 main parts:

  1. Salt crystal.
  2. The base of the lamp (basically a processed wood plate of a certain thickness).
  3. Electric lamp.
  4. Bulb holder.
  5. Spring-loaded fastening system.
  6. Fastening the electrical cable.
  7. Electrical cable.
  8. Electric switch.
  9. Plug.

Salt lamps contain a wide variety of impurities and foreign bodies. These can be algae and minerals that have been compressed with sea salt. Science has established that each color has a special effect. Plants grow best when illuminated with red, yellow, or orange light.

The beautiful and rich colors of the salt lamps are used in chromatotherapy. The soothing light relieves fatigue, irritation and insomnia.

The following relationships have been identified:

  • red color strengthens the heart, stimulates blood circulation and enhances vital energy;
  • yellow doubles wits and intelligence. Providing a stimulating effect on the liver, pancreas and gallbladder;
  • white - heals, disinfects and cleans;
  • pink color promotes partnership and love, gives emotion;
  • brown strengthens the connection with the Earth and gives health;
  • orange - excites, gives a feeling of security and closeness, eliminates shock and trauma, heals the nerves and psyche, activates the kidneys and bladder.

Iron oxide gives salt lamps a pleasant pink hue. Its 2-4%. In general, the composition contains: clay, potassium, calcium, iron, iodine, bromine, selenium, hydrocarbon (in liquid and gaseous states), quartz, zinc, anhydrite.

Salt lamps combine the therapeutic properties of a natural mineral and light. The air is purified under the influence of heat. In this case, the salt turns out to be a kind of shade, thanks to which you can look at the light bulb without harm to the eyes.

Making its way through the thickness of the salt, the light reveals its natural color. Another group of properties of the salt lamp is based on this effect.

According to Feng Shui, absolutely all natural space and premises are filled with invisible life force - Qi. The presence of this energy is supported by scientific evidence: German scientists have discovered a very subtle electromagnetic vibration. In terms of its properties, this vibration is ideal for the description of Qi. She can pick up and transmit favorable and unfavorable signals, while being a carrier of information. Fears, sorrows, worries can accumulate in an apartment for years. Their source may no longer exist, but they can still have a negative impact on residents. Only by renewing Qi, you can get rid of this influence. Salt lamps are ideal for this purpose. They attract living and healthy energy into the house.

Place salt lamps in dark corners and in places where Qi is lacking. Such zones negatively affect the vital energy of the inhabitants of the house, and their health. Therefore, anticipate the situation - destroy the impact of these zones.

The lamps do not require any special maintenance. Sometimes it is necessary to wipe off dust with a dry soft cloth or vacuum. Lamps can be installed almost anywhere in the house, except in damp rooms. Salt does not like water, therefore the product, having absorbed a large amount of moisture, softens and can crumble. If the lamp gets wet, then turn it on for a couple of hours.

Salt lamps can be kept on at all times. Unlike artificial ionizers, they produce soft ionization. As for the lifespan of the salt lamps, it is difficult to determine. The beneficial properties of salt do not fade over time.

When choosing a salt lamp, pay attention to weight and size - the efficiency of the appliance depends on it. In rooms with an area of ​​10-15 m², it is necessary to choose lamps weighing 3-5 kg. Or a few small ones. And put them closer to you.

Take a look at the quality of the electrical cord, wooden stand, bulb holder. The wooden stand should be screwed to the salt crystal evenly, without distortion. The lamp itself is stable, preferably with a wide wooden base. For example, Zenet SLPR-43S.

Speaking about the Ukrainian market of salt lamps, it should be noted that it is filled by 80% with products from Pakistani or Himalayan salt. For example, Zenet Bell-2 SLBE-35.

This salt is mined from the same layers, the only difference is in the name. An unnatural orange color with dark red blotches indicates the content of metals in the mineral. And not surprising. Indeed, Pakistani and Himalayan salt lamps contain more than 25% of impurities of various substances.

Lamps of any shape are sold in pharmacies or shops. This is due to the high content of impurities.Based on the fact that it is very difficult to check each piece of salt for compliance with standards, you risk buying a product with a large amount of metals in the mineral.

About 17% of the Ukrainian market is occupied by salt lamps from Soledar (Artyomovsk). They have a natural natural color - white with dark blotches. It indicates the absence of metals in the mineral. Salt from Artyomovsk deposits is fundamentally different from Pakistani. The purity of the salt mined in Soledar reaches 85%. This is a high figure by world standards.

About 2-3% of the Ukrainian market is occupied by salt lamps from Solotvino. The purest salt in the world is Solotvinskaya salt. The amount of pure salt in the mineral reaches 90-95%. That is why Solotvinsky salt lamps are sold only in the form of a rock, because such a purity of the mineral makes it almost impossible to process it.

When choosing between a Himalayan, Pakistani, Artyomovskaya or a salt lamp from Soltvino, it should be remembered that the most useful mineral of salt is the one that has the least amount of impurities in its composition. The purity of the salt mineral is the most important parameter when choosing a salt lamp.

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