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Full Review of Apple iPhone 3Gs Mobile Phone

Developers of mobile devices have taught consumers that newer models are almost always very different from previous ones. A more recent device should have a range of different innovations. It is best if they can be seen from afar.

A completely new appearance, the latest features, updated services, equipment, in general, everything is new. When we expect an announcement from a manufacturer, we expect a breakthrough and, as a result, are upset when this does not happen. If this is the new flagship of the company, give us a completely new design. Give us a new shape. After all, we are bored, we wish new and new. Naturally, at the moment when the announcement of the iPhone 3Gs appeared, everyone understood quite well that the manufacturer would present us with everything the same as before, only with a different speed of work. Well, what is it, how can you surprise the consumer? Is this a subject familiar to all of us for discussion in various forums? No no and one more time no. It was completely unusual when someone does not, like others, roll out a line of three different mobile devices for a different class of consumers, but does something completely different. And what then? Well, for example, bringing to the already existing software platform, which is used in mobile phones, players, etc. The iPhone OS 3.0 update brought for all devices from Apple, how many things that another company would turn it into another black marketing noise. Another manufacturer would release a new line of mobile devices for the new operating system. But the manufacturer Apple has a completely different approach to this - any user of even the very first iPhone can get a lot of new opportunities completely or for money. Control music playback by shaking, work with wireless headphones, flawless search, excellent copy & paste, work in modem mode without additional software with computers based on any operating system. Apple is making constant hourly, nightly improvements to its operating system. And Apple is in no hurry to create a large number of models of mobile devices, as they understand a simple thing. One has only to spend one's energy on creating a completely new segment - and that's it, the house is gone. Going after consumers demanding 64 gigabytes of memory, QWERTY, OLED displays is also the road to a bright kingdom called Nowhere, because this is a completely non-mass market.

And as a result, the iPhone 3Gs in our country turns out to be an outsider. Officially, this device is not sold on our mobile market, but on the gray market it costs quite a lot, and there is no understanding of what to pay for. In addition, thanks to the efforts of users who persistently instill a love for first-generation iPhones in various forums and social networks, this mobile device has become a vulgar mobile device for blondes, or for consumers of a fashionable audience. A number of acquaintances do not even imagine what can be done with this mobile device other than listening to music and making calls. There are most of the stereotypes that no one can break. Very often I hear quite funny statements from users who have never held an iPhone in their hands at all. Some individuals believe that the use of Apple products in our country leads to a change in sexual orientation, especially the owners of Windows Mobile devices like to say this. Now I don't even know what to do for a married man with a child, the owner of an iPhone, two MacBooks, Apple TV and iPod Classic. I can't say that I look at males and dream of rhinestones, etc.This is just another attempt to humiliate this mobile device. Yes, it happens often.

In addition, as mentioned earlier, the majority of consumers lost their potential interest in the iPhone after the start of its official sale in our country. There is no need to waste time on unlocking, installing special software, just take it and use it, a large number of applications are available in the AppStore, they are extremely cheap, you can pay for them with a debit card - happiness. Once gone, disputes, discussions, many Internet resources dedicated to the iPhone mobile device. With the arrival of the officially unsold iPhone 3Gs on the market, the second wave did not happen for the reasons that were described above. Owners of the iPhone 3G simply do not understand what is there, for which you need to pay about seven thousand hryvnia. Interest has subsided a bit, the pod is gone, and now you can safely communicate with the owners of the iPhone 2G. Regarding fashion - many users avoid purchasing this mobile device precisely because it has become too frequent.

Therefore, I would like this article to be some kind of subject for wars and controversies online. In our country, I believe there is already a community of fans of technology from Apple, most consumers choose the technology of this manufacturer not only for its appearance, but also for the capabilities that are not found in devices from other manufacturers. For example, if we talk about the iPhone, then there are the following points:

Appearance is a subjective matter. But you need to think a little that you managed to create a recognizable and clear image, in addition, the mobile device is convenient in everyday use. Despite the dimensions of the device, which are related to the size of the screen, it is convenient to carry the phone in a jeans pocket.

Only the iPhone is the most user-friendly touchscreen mobile device to date. In addition, there is Multitouch technology, which will make life easier for users.

So far, no manufacturer has been able to create something similar to the iPhone phone browser. The possibility of convenient page scaling, speed of work and many other key points save the user from having to go to the computer to view something new on the Internet.

The built-in mail client has a great look, simple settings, and has HTML support. That is, the received email will look the same as on the computer. No mess with letters, signs, etc.

Excellent quality of transmitted speech, simple and convenient menu during a telephone conversation, the presence of a touch screen, automatic backlight off during a telephone conversation. When it comes to phones with touch controls, the iPhone is one of the best solutions for phone calls.

A wide range of applications, among which there are applications for almost any task. Starting from the most interesting games with excellent graphics and gameplay, ending with clients for various social networks.

Simple, convenient and beautiful user interface. By and large, thinking is unnecessary. For some users, this is bad, since you cannot play with the command line, install various modifications on your own, etc. Everything is already comfortable and beautiful.

You can argue about the mail, did not write about other programs. For example, Clock, it is very pleasant to use an alarm clock here, in practice there was not a single case when the signal did not work. I also kept silent about the AppStore; in general, I just do not want to argue, so the occasion, so I wrote only about the best. There are also negative points for some, they can be critical:

The need to use iTunes to transfer music files, videos and photos, sync with Outlook, etc. There are a number of strange restrictions - by default, your mobile device can be assigned to just one computer, which is not a positive point.Not very long battery life averaging about two days.

A number of small points: if you use several mailboxes with a not very large update check interval, then it will be very difficult to get through to you, some do not like that the browser does not display all the banners. Well, multitasking is a big drawback for which the iPhone is very often criticized. For example, you cannot open the ICQ client and then minimize it without losing the network connection. When you click on the button, the application simply closes. IPhone users have been hearing the promise of multitasking for a long time, but everyone is still waiting and waiting. But to be precise, it is still present, but not all applications have the ability, for example, to listen to musical compositions and at the same time browse the Internet pages.

In fact, it turns out that the iPhone plays music best in a standard headset than in any other, so choosing a headset for better sound quality will be extremely difficult. Microcracks on the panel near the mute lever, SIM card slot, all three iPhone 3G samples suffered from this problem. I would like to note that the iPhone 2G had a different problem: with careless use, the panel of the device was quite easily covered with scuffs and scratches. But the device itself will be extremely difficult to kill. One of my acquaintances' phone fell from the height of the fifth floor onto the concrete. And all crumpled and crumpled, he continued to work without problems.

So I feel that I am not saying at all what you would like to hear. So, what is so good about the iPhone 3Gs mobile device? What's new in it? Should you buy it or not. Let's figure it out.

IPhone 3Gs appearance

It is almost impossible to visually distinguish the iPhone 3Gs from the iPhone 3G, as there is no change in appearance. The dimensions of the device are 115.2x62.1x12.3 mm, weight is 133 grams. According to the developers, this device is made of more environmentally friendly plastic than its predecessors, the device is still convenient to carry in your pocket. Let's hope that over time, microcracks will not appear on the case.

IPhone 3Gs screen

For iPhone 3Gs, a coating has been applied to protect the display surface from fat deposits. For the iPhone, this was a real disaster, especially during a long conversation in hot weather, the device must be wiped clean. And it's not a fact that it can be done with a simple paper napkin, it is best to wipe it with a microfiber or suede cloth. A green miracle rag, which is suitable for almost any technique, can also save you from this.

So, let's conduct a simple test: take two completely clean devices, and run a clean finger across the iPhone 3G screen. And what we see is a trace. Swipe the iPhone 3Gs across the screen. But we will not find a trace. The display of the iPhone 3Gs seems to be very sleek compared to the iPhone 3G, just like an ice rink. And this moment is very pleasing when used. Of course, the lacquer surface of the back panel gets dirty very quickly, but it will be very difficult to get the screen dirty. In my opinion, almost any iPhone 3G user will appreciate this innovation.

At the expense of packaging and delivery set. There are practically no changes here, as in the iPhone 3G. I can't say anything about microcracks, since I have been using the device for about two weeks.

Headset iPhone 3Gs

The iPhone 3Gs headset has minimal updates, now you can adjust the volume without taking the device out of your pocket directly from the remote control on the cable. This can be called another advantage of the iPhone, since we have a very small, but, despite this, a full-fledged remote control that can start playback, rewind music and adjust the volume. There are no surprises in the sound quality of this device, the bundle with the iPhone 3Gs includes a wonderful headset with good features. The iPhone 3Gs headset is not for those who are used to listening to music alone, since at full volume your music will be heard by those around you.

IPhone 3Gs speed

The processor change was not in vain, the 'S' prefix here means speed. The device works faster. But this will only be noticeable if you compare the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3Gs. To do this, we put two mobile devices next to each other, connect Wi-Fi and simultaneously launch various applications. If you click on the Safari icon, then the program started on the iPhone 3Gs and the page opened, while on the iPhone 3G the program is still starting. Let's open the YouTube client - for the iPhone 3G, the program is still starting, and for the iPhone 3Gs, a list of videos has already opened. We open the AppStore - and we see the same thing. Launch the Calculator application - it opens simultaneously on two devices. The conclusion suggests itself, the new iPhone 3Gs processes heavy applications faster.

In general, in terms of speed, the iPhone 3Gs will be more interesting and preferable than the iPhone 3G. But here there are a number of key points about changing one device to another. If you only make calls with your iPhone and listen to music, use simple programs like the Calculator, then there is no point in changing your iPhone 3G to iPhone 3Gs. Moreover, only the owner of the iPhone 3G will be able to appreciate the speed of the iPhone 3Gs. If you often need to use a browser, mail, YouTube client, or other third-party programs, then you most likely need to look at the iPhone 3Gs. Especially if there is no desire to switch to a device of another brand.

What kind of processor does the iPhone 3Gs have? Recently, a device called ODROID was announced, which is based on the same processor as the iPhone 3Gs. A deep search leads us to the Samsung S5PC100 processor with a clock frequency of 833 MHz. At the same time, there are rumors about the release of an update for the iPhone 3Gs, which will support high-definition video. Moreover, this solution is suitable for games and so on.

IPhone 3Gs Battery Life

In my opinion, the battery life of the iPhone 3Gs hasn't changed in any way. I did not specifically look at the data from the developers from the time of work, but simply used the capabilities of the mobile device as usual. For me, the usual mode is: constantly checking my three mailboxes, listening to music tracks, using the built-in browser, always having Wi-Fi and Push on, and about one hour of calls a day. Towards evening, the charge level bar decreased by more than half, and before that the device stood on charge for the whole night. In general, you shouldn't count on a long battery life of the device. But this is fixable in stores there are a lot of different accessories for the iPhone, such as a case with a battery, etc.

The iPhone 3Gs now has the ability to turn on the display of the battery charge level as a percentage. A useful enough thing, before, in order to force the iPhone to display the charge level as a percentage, you had to programmatically break the phone.

Compass iPhone 3Gs

IPhone 3Gs has a built-in compass. Only it is completely incomprehensible - you probably need to go with a brand new iPhone 3Gs into the forest for mushrooms in order to appreciate this application at its true worth. If I don't come back, then the test has failed.

As they say on the net, this application is not just a compass, but a kind of gadget for introducing augmented reality technology. For example, I advise everyone interested to go to the official website of this application //, where a compass was used together with a camera to indicate the direction to the nearest metro station. These capabilities are simply impressive - for users who suffer from topographic cretinism, this application is a useful find.

In the options of the application itself, you can choose magnetic or true north, the compass displays the coordinates, and here you can go to the map.

Nike + iPod in iPhone 3Gs

In the iPhone 3Gs settings there is a special item when turned on, which your iPhone 3Gs will be able to work with the original Nike + iPod watch without additional software.

IPhone 3Gs Camera

The camera module has been updated in iPhone 3Gs now it is 3 megapixels instead of two as it was before. You can evaluate the quality of the photos taken by yourself, I will say only one thing for a three megapixel camera, this is quite an acceptable result. A lever has appeared in the camera menu, which serves to switch the camera to video recording mode.Naturally, for the iPhone, these capabilities are not key; to create good pictures, you only need one tool, the name of which is the head. In addition, for iPhone 3Gs there are many programs for editing photos and adding various effects to them.

To summarize, it's not just the number of megapixels, but also our skills.

Photos taken with the iPhone 3Gs camera:

The iPhone 3Gs has the ability to manually set the focus point of the object: when you click on the desired area, the focus moves there, everything happens quickly and clearly. This feature can be used for both photography and video shooting. This is such a nice little thing the developers have endowed with the new iPhone 3Gs.

Voice control in iPhone 3Gs

This review was attended by the European iPhone 3Gs, which, yes, at the moment is the best option to buy. It doesn't need any unlock, etc. you can freely put your SIM card and get to work. At the expense of the software part, you should not worry either, since in the device settings there is a choice of Russian language both for the menu and for the layout, in general, even a non-certified mobile device is ready for any user, even for those who are not familiar with English. One of the key innovations in the iPhone 3Gs is the presence of voice control on a mobile device, which is launched by a long press of a key located under the screen. In the voice control settings, you can choose almost any language, since there are a lot of them there. So let's see what this function is for? Let's start with its capabilities:

Dialing a number from the phone book, for example, call, Sasha. This is not to say that everything is problematic here, it all depends on how you deliver your speech. Some subscribers can be dialed almost the first time, and some are not dialed at all, as if they are not in the list of saved contacts. I believe that optimization has not yet been made here, since everything works well with voice typing in English.

Dialing numbers, when dialing a certain number, you must say Number, one one one, etc. I have no complaints about this point, since everything works without problems.

It is possible to control the music player, you can play or stop playing a music track with your voice, if you say Turn on Shuffle mode, this will make the music player play music, when Genius is spoken, a playlist or music album turns on. Voice control of the player works well as long as long song titles are not involved. The device copes with ordinary music albums without much difficulty when the album name is relatively short and understandable. For example, there is an album Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer - there will be no problems here.

The device will warn you if an incomprehensible or similar name of the subscriber was pronounced.

Most likely, this application will still have many different improvements, but in general, the application can be called normal. True, there are no instructions for this application, the name of the commands is displayed on the screen, when you say a word, the phone will show in waves that it heard you.

Voice control can also work when a headset is connected. The function can be activated by pressing the multifunction key. When using a typeface, there are practically no problems with identifying names.

Results of the iPhone 3Gs review

Well, let's get down to the bottom line of the iPhone 3Gs review. iPhone 3Gs is not the hottest and most anticipated new product of 2009. This is just a fairly effective sequel to the earlier iPhone 3G:

The speed of the device has noticeably increased, due to this, the daily use of the mobile device has become much more pleasant. This is especially true for the work of resource-intensive programs.It is hoped that game creators will use all the hardware capabilities of the iPhone 3Gs to the fullest.

The screen cover will protect you from frequent and tedious wiping from various prints.

The included headphones have a full-fledged remote control.

I really liked the implementation of voice control in the iPhone 3Gs, we can only hope that this function will work more accurately in localized mobile devices.

Nike + iPod support - which is a very nice addition.

The other video add-ons, the compass, are not that important. Many people rarely shoot video on a mobile phone, especially since there was previously an application for iPhone 3G that allows you to remove this limitation. So this function is secondary here, but it's very nice that it was originally present here.

So, I will draw a conclusion for the happy owners of the iPhone 3G. It is worth updating the device, since you can feel the difference in operation for the first time in the hours of using this device. For example, I already need to return a mobile phone to its owner, and I am horrified, thinking, how can I get back to the iPhone 3G. When, how and for what price to buy the device is your business, you can wait for official sales in our country, or you can buy a European, it all depends on the size of your wallet. You can continue to work with the iPhone 3G and wait for newer devices, but no one knows when it will be. I doubt that a newer iPhone model will appear in our country this year.

Bottom line, for owners of other mobile devices. Today iPhone 3Gs provides the user with a unique opportunity to work with a touch screen, work with e-mail, surf the web, no gaming platform is incomparable with the iPhone platform. Neither N-gage nor any other gaming platform is comparable to the capabilities of the iPhone. You can find a lot of good games for the iPhone, and almost every game is unique and exciting in its own way. This was just the first moment. And the second one is the extended possibilities of viewing video files, perfectly working YouTube, if we take into account the dimensions of the 3.5-inch screen and the display resolution of 480x320 pixels, the video promoter becomes very pleasant. The third point is that despite the seeming, at first glance, not corporate character of the device, the phone can become your assistant in many matters. For example, if you use the MobileMe service from Apple, then you can synchronize your calendars, mail, contacts, browser bookmarks between your PC and your mobile phone. Also, on the phone, you can view office documents thanks to the iDisk program. So the iPhone may well handle business functions.

I would not recommend this mobile phone to everyone. If all you need to do is make calls and send messages, then why spend a lot of money on an iPhone? I will not recommend iPhone 3Gs to modern fashionistas, as new items such as Samsung i8910 or Nokia N97 and so on will suit them. Mobile devices from Apple today are not as fashionable as they used to be. You shouldn't compare iPhone 3Gs yet, there is nothing to dig into with devices on Windows Mobile, to configure it in such a way that it is better not worth it. If the interface, convenient web surfing, full-fledged and beautiful e-mail, high speed and ease of use are important for you, then iPhone 3Gs is just for you.

Apple has done the impossible - not only has it infiltrated the established mobile device market, it has also turned a number of established pillars. For example, this is a constant improvement of an existing operating system. And not abandoning it and coming up with completely new versions, as other manufacturers of mobile devices do. The arrival of the iPhone 3Gs on the market just demonstrates the company's approach in this area.

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