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How to make "live" beer.

How to make "live" beer.

Why do millions of beer connoisseurs around the world prefer homemade beer today? The answer is simple - homemade beer tastes much better than bottled or draft beer. Making this drink at home is quite an interesting and exciting experience. Such beer is truly fresh beer, or, as it is now called, live. Naturally brewed beer tastes much better and is very healthy. Moreover, it does not contain any additives or preservatives. Live beer retains a lot of minerals and vitamins, because it is not subjected to chemical treatment that allows keeping beer in bottles or barrels for a long period of time. Brewing beer at home does not take much time and effort, and the result is a real, classic drink.

About 20 years ago, Canadian scientists and engineers first designed and manufactured mini-breweries. Today beer machines are fully adapted for home use. They are made from high quality materials, due to which the most efficient brewing result and a long service life are achieved. True connoisseurs of the popular drink, who want to make it at home, have appreciated the appearance of such "miracle machines" on the market.

The microbrewery is a sealed brewing system that prevents air and liquid leaks. The set of the device for the production of beer includes:

- a special vessel, which is made of special plastic and looks like a barrel;

- carbonation unit, which creates the necessary pressure and saturates the drink with carbon dioxide;

- a special tap for pouring a foamy drink and an upper valve equipped with a foam catcher.

Such a brewery has a very compact size. It can be installed in any place that is cool and protected from sunlight. Despite its small size, the volume of the produced beverage is up to 10 liters. The process of making beer itself takes quite a long time - from 7 to 10 days. Only those with the patience and persistence can consider themselves a professional brewer. To make a good drink, it's best to use proven recipes, rather than experiment.

Before purchasing a mini-brewery, you need to get at least basic knowledge of beer making. First of all, this applies to the components that make up the drink. There are many different types of beer mixes on the market and each of them has a distinctive and unique taste. Home-made beer is not too difficult. It is only necessary to put in the device the ingredients corresponding to the recipe and set the required mode. The brewery operates autonomously and controls the entire process itself. The main ingredients for the production are exclusively natural products. These are mainly malt extract, yeast and water. Disinfection and sterilization is required before use. It takes no more than 20 minutes to prepare them, and the rest is a matter of technology. After about a week, you can enjoy the taste of excellent natural beer.

There are two methods of making a foamy drink - bottom and top fermentation. In the production of beer under industrial conditions, the bottom fermentation technology is always used. And at home, it is preferable to use the top fermentation technology. It has the most beneficial effect on the quality of beer, mainly light varieties.It is more correct to call such beer "ale". Ale is a beer with a rather rich hoppy flavor and a pungent bitterness. Depending on the type of recipe you are using, you can make a light, medium, or dark ale at home.

Having bought a mini-brewery once, you can always enjoy the taste of a real, in every sense of the word, drink. No matter how presented a bottled beer, it will never surpass its freshly brewed counterparts. Bottled pasteurized beer is more of an artificial product, while home-brewed beer is a living drink. It is no coincidence that in the beer capitals of the world - Prague, Munich, Dublin, Amsterdam, almost every beer establishment brews its own beer.

Today, making beer at home is not difficult. Breweries will help to brew beer "Beer Machine 2000»and "Beer Machine 2006»... Making beer at home is not a science, but a real and exciting experiment.

Mini brewery «Beer Machine» Is a home brewery for making high quality beer easily and quickly. Such breweries were developed and designed in 1989 by Canadian scientists from the National Brewing Institute. During this time, they have earned respect and recognition all over the world. Today breweries "Beer Machine" are made of special high quality materials that guarantee the successful use of such breweries for many years. The sizes of these breweries are specially adapted for home refrigerators.

When brewing beer in breweries "Beer Machine" all useful properties of the drink, its unique taste from the moment of birth to your glass, are preserved. Making homemade beer, you yourself can create a unique taste by changing the timing and temperature of fermentation, fermentation, clarification and degree of carbonation. Such beer does not suffer from transportation and will delight you with its natural taste.

Beer mixes for making beer in microbreweries "Beer Machine" are mixtures of natural extracts of malt and hops, obtained using modern technologies, which guarantee the safety of all vitamins and minerals that are so necessary for the human body.

Making malt is a very complex process that requires special knowledge and takes a lot of time and effort. It is wiser to purchase a ready-made malt concentrate. Its purchase will allow not only to avoid the most difficult stage of brewing beer, but also to choose a specific type of home beer yourself. By choosing a ready-made beer mix, you can be sure of a great end result of brewing. One package of beer extract makes 10 liters of excellent home-brewed beer. Such mixtures may contain various flavors - special hops, honey, dried fruit, etc. It is the addition of various natural ingredients to the malt that allows you to get in your brewery the famous type of beer or ale, which is well known and revered by beer connoisseurs all over the world. These are, for example, such as American Amber Ale - American amber ale, or English Pale Ale - classic English pale ale. Specialists from the Canadian Institute of Health regularly conduct tests that check the quality of all components of beer extracts. It should be noted that the quality of products has always been assessed as "excellent".

When drinking homemade beer, a person receives all the vitamins found in its components. This is, first of all, malt, which is made from germinated grains, usually barley, which are of great energy value for the life of the whole organism. The second element is hops grown on fertile soils in ecologically clean areas. Until recently, it was used to treat the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Being in the composition of live beer, hops fully retain their medicinal properties.Yeast is the third element that has a lot of useful vitamins and minerals. And finally, water. The taste of beer directly depends on its chemical composition. There is no doubt that pure spring water is best suited for brewing beer and will give it a unique taste. These are practically all the ingredients for making home-brewed beer. All varieties are produced in Canada. This country is a recognized leader in the production of environmentally friendly products. And its inhabitants are making every effort to meet this title, rightfully proud of it.

We wish you successful home brewing of live beer!