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HOW TO RESTORE DATA FROM CD / DVD drives - how to recover information on a damaged CD

However, it turns out that sometimes some files can be recovered. There are special programs for this. The corresponding utilities work quite simply. As you know, operating systems interrupt copying a file when reading damaged information. But just the utilities can "get" the entire file from the disk, although it is not guaranteed that it is completely. But something is better than nothing at all. The utilities read the information available on the disk, bypassing the standard means of the operating system, that is, through direct access to files. There are many programs that can recover data from disks.

What programs can I use to recover?

One of the main such programs is BadCopy Pro... It is almost impossible to find such a program for free, however, it already depends on how valuable the information on the CD / DVD was. The developers claim that their program can recover any information contained on unreadable floppy disks, disks, memory cards, and so on. BadCopy Pro is easy to use. The media type is selected, then the required recovery mode is ticked and the Recovery mode is directly pressed. The program allows you to set the scanning depths of the files themselves, but because of this, the speed of this program will suffer.

Another good comprehensive data recovery solution is IsoBuster... This program supports any image and media, even Blu-ray and HD DVD discs. At the request of the user, the program can skip some bad sectors on the disk, however, when the disk is “traversed” again, serious errors are often recovered. This utility can also be used to recover data from disks that have been subjected to Quick Format or Quick Erase operations.

The program itself has several editions, among which Pro and Free are the most interesting. The first one is functionally expanded, but offered on a commercial basis. The second one is free, it has a basic set of features, which, however, will be enough for normal file recovery.

In turn, the program CDCheck can not only recover data, but also detect, as a result of which the disk or flash memory is not functioning. But CDCheck has its drawbacks, more precisely one drawback. It works very slowly. When developing this program, the principle was taken into account that it is better to take measures to rescue data in a timely manner, in order to wait for a critical point. In this regard, the first task that CDCheck solves is to check the media in detail and identify damaged files. And the second task is the direct file recovery. In addition, this program can be used to compare the original disc with its copy on the hard drive itself. The comparison is bitwise. Among the advantages of the program are Russian-language localization and free use (if you buy a Free license on the developer's website).