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Scent of a woman

Scent of a woman

Are you going to buy perfume for yourself, or as a gift for your girlfriend, sister or mother? It is very difficult for you to decide on the right scent for yourself, and even more difficult for your girlfriend?

Since nowadays the choice of perfumes is incredibly large and varied, it is difficult to choose a perfume that will emphasize your individuality, your charm, and your feminine zest. After all, it is foolish to buy perfumes at their solid price, or according to the well-known brand of the manufacturer of this or that perfume house. In this article, we present to you irreplaceable tips and tricks on how to choose a perfume or eau de toilette, and enjoy it, and not waste time and nerves on it.

Decide on the price

First, decide on the size of the amount that you intend to shell out to buy perfume or eau de toilette for yourself or as a gift. After all, many well-known perfume brands have a rather high cost, for this you must let yourself know how much you are willing to purchase it for yourself. It will be quite unpleasant, having picked up the scent you like, to find out that these perfumes cost twice as much as you can afford financially.

Buying eau de toilette or perfume for yourself - it is much easier for you to make a choice than buying them as a gift to someone. It will be easier for you if you are at least a little bit oriented about what flavor the person to whom you choose them likes, even if often - it is very difficult.

Reacting with the skin, the smell tends to change slightly

Having bought a perfume of one scent, you notice that the perfume smells differently on your skin than from the bottle. This is because, reacting with the skin, the smell tends to change slightly. These are chemical processes. In some cases, you will be able to notice an incredible difference between the scent you chose in the store and the one you received after applying it to yourself. Therefore, when buying, do not limit yourself only to sniffing from the bottle, it can be a deceiving smell. After all, the most natural and real smell that you will emit will be heard by you only after applying perfume on your wrist and after waiting a few seconds, then your smell will appear, slightly different from the smell from the bottle.

The procedure for choosing a suitable perfume usually does not take an hour or two. Often this procedure takes from one to several days. After all, in one day you will not be able to smell and appreciate all the existing smells. By sprinkling them on your wrist, one on top of the other, you mix the smells and do not recognize the real smell of one or another perfume. And smelling a lot of perfumes you may get a headache, and besides all this, you simply stop distinguishing them, all the perfumes will seem to you at the same smell. To do this, stores have coffee beans, smelling which, you will improve your ability to distinguish between smells.

Perfume should be just for a pleasant aroma!

Our next advice will not be new to you, but it is very useful, wise and relevant. If you decide to buy perfume relying only on the box and bottle you like. Even the most expensive and fashionable perfumes may not suit you, because they will not be able to emphasize and highlight your charm and personality.

Flower scent

As you can already understand by the name, the basis of the perfume is the scent of flowers. The emphasis of such perfumes on naturalness and smoothness. This is the largest group that summarizes all perfumes and eau de toilettes, where the flower is the main scent, or paired with other fragrances. Often, fresh scents are mixed with floral ones, so you can get a truly refined, delicate and extremely feminine scent that can emphasize all the subtlety and elegance of a woman.

Chypre scent

François Coty created the first chypre in 1917, in which he collected many scents, including: patchouli, oakmoss, incense and bergamot. We can say that since then, all chypre fragrances include exactly these tonic notes. These fragrances combine refined sweetness and invigorating freshness with a touch of bitterness. Perfumes with a chypre scent are considered rich and aristocratic.

Fern scent

Sometimes ferns are attributed to the chypre group. But these are mainly male perfumes. Fern scent often consists of scent ov lavender, coumarin, bergamot, and their

Fern scent often consists of lavender, coumarin, bergamot, and Oakmoss based on them. Such perfumes consist mainly of fresh tones with a bitter smell.

Citrus aroma

This aroma is achieved when citrus fruits such as bergamot, grapefruit, orange, lemon and others are used. This type of scent tends to be refreshing and uplifting. A mixture of citrus fruits - they were very famous in the past among men's fragrances, and over time they became popular among women's fragrances. Almost all new types of perfumes of this kind are based on green or fruit combinations. These fragrances are especially suitable for cheerful and active people.

Amber scents (with an oriental direction)

Oriental perfumes have a very well-expressed brightness, melody, temperament, spicy shade with some kind of exoticism. Such perfumes often have a scent that is heavy, thick, and sometimes piercing. Amber perfumes achieve this aroma due to the fact that they use jasmine, orange blossom, iris, sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, resinous and balsamic substances, musk and amber. Such scents are considered the most erotic, sensual.

Spice scents are distinguished by some classifications into a completely separate group, but often they are included in the eastern subgroup. Spice flavors are not as sweet as others. Smells of pepper, cloves, bay leaves and wood are the dominant notes in the spicy perfume.

A little about etiquette. How to use perfume?

If you endlessly like the perfume, you shouldn't "pour it over" as if it were the last time. If you like these perfumes, then it is not a fact that others who surround you like them. If the perfume is really very pleasant, refined, this does not mean that the more of them you wear, the more beautiful they will smell. Know when to stop.

When using perfume, you need to remember where and with whom you are going. If you are going to a business meeting or a simple work day, you better use a perfume of subtle aromas that are not able to distract those around you.

If you are going to a party, holiday, wedding, or other party, then in this case, you can use bright and strong perfume. For such events, experiments will be in the subject.

Don't try to douse all of your clothes with perfume. It will be enough just to puff a little behind the ears, the neck on both sides and the wrist. It is better to cushion the wrists separately, rather than rub against each other. Friction can change the aroma, and the whole effect changes. By spraying perfume through the air and passing through the cloud of scent, you can reach the peak of the scent's elegance!

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