Useful Tips

Inspection of horse bicycles

Yak stench, horse bicycles?

Characteristics of a mountain bike (mountain bike, MTB): a low frame at the trapezium shape, one with a shock absorber in the rear drive; front fork, zzvychay, shock absorption; the carriage is raised to the level of the bushings, schob zbіlshiti clerance; wheels, zzvychay, 26 inches with a movable rim, tires - 1.9 - 2.3 inches with a relief protector for improvement; a set of stars (3 forwards and backwards 7-9) will prevent you from using a lower gear (the front star is smaller than the rear one) to get rid of it; vinos kerma forward to the steering wheel - 10 -12 cm; galma, zazvychay, disks with a drive behind an additional cable or hydraulic; weight - 10-15 kg (bicycles for downhill (downhill) can weigh more than 20 kg); the price can be from 300 to 1200 € in the amount of stagnant materials, as well as technology for preparing parts.

If you showed up?

The pioneers of MTB are a group of entusies from the Marin district in the Pivnichniy Kalifornia. On the ear of the 70s, Gari Fisher, Charlie Kelli, Tom Ritchi, Joe Breeze, and their road-goers rushed to the mountains of Tamalpasi. For high-speed roads, the stink was taken by bicycles: the Schwinn Excelsior frame was equipped with a pair of moped wheels with motorcycle disc galms. For downhill (shvidk_snogo descent), such a technique was good, but on the way up the hill for all those who are trained nig buv vazhkuvatiy.

Tsey girsky bicycle z'yavsya 1 chest 1974 rock. At the end of the day, three cyclists on tubeless bikes with shifters and drum galms took part in the Cup of Zahidny Uzberezhzh in the vicinity of Marin. Tse buli Ras Mahon, Berne Mahon and Carter Cox with Cupertino near Saratogi. Ras Makhon told me that it was not safe on the streets of the city of Moscow, because it was because he became the Lord of Fire and invented a new version of the news. Wanting not to take the fate of the zmagannyakh anymore, this innovation pushed the entusias of Fischer's command into the development of a mountain bike. At the offensive rotsi Gari Fisher took a five-inch bike, then added the front rear axle and the decal star in front. In 1979, Garri Fisher and Charlie Kelli were also selling first horse bikes, made at the MountainBike Factory.

Main types of horse bicycles

"Hardtail" (hardtail) - without a rear shock absorber, designed for a wide range of travel: from walks along the crossroads (95% of the mounts are on the road) to the zmagan from the trip to the slalom. You can have a rigid or shock-absorbing front fork, the frame is aluminum (for changing the car), only the cheapest ones are made of steel.

"Dvuhpіdvіs" is a shock absorber of the front and rear wheels, it can be victorious not for tricks, but for driving along the mountains and crossing the road. Shock absorbers to provide comfort and corrugation.

"Comfort" - the whole class of a bicycle, close proximity to girskiy, similar to them geometriєyu rami. The stench of the possession of galms with antiblocking, shock-absorbing padding. On them you can ride comfortably and without baking, albeit not with great options and smart minds.

Tracks for MTV

Bicycle trip - podolannya pereshkod (natural or piece), strips on one wheel. Requires maximum lightness and performance, a small frame, a hard fork, a great wine.

Dyort (brood) - strikes on earth trampolines with tricks. The frame is to blame, but it is important, the shock absorber is the front (up to 130 mm), the galma is only the rear, the kermo is the shortcut for showing tricks in its wraps.

Stretch - tricks in places: on parapets, gatherings, curbs, parkans, often - in other minds, they did not interfere with the crossings of those cars. Nogolos not on quickness and folding, but on the purity of tricks. From the outlying vimogs - vuzke kermo, pegs (tubes on the axis of the bicycle), one gear, the visibility of the galms (or only from the back).

Slopestyle (style for skylu) is a combination of a dertjumper, a line and a freeride - a combination of all kinds of transitions, natural and piece. You can vibrate to relish - that і the bike can be even more old (zazvychay - low, light, mіtsniy two-stage with a stroke of 130 mm).

Cross-country - Driving on the spot (call on the cola). The head vimoga is lightness (aluminum frame) and rigidity (only 100 mm in front).

Parallel slalom (the sub-slalom is left for four hours) is a parallel descent along the track with trampolines and a counter-slope. Bicycle - with aluminum frame, front shock absorber (100 mm), contact pedals, a set of 6-9 gears.

Downhill is a fast descent on a long road, and there is no road on a long road. The most important discipline is the showcase of the rider, and the bike has a base (stand between wheels), a low center of the rail, with shock absorbers in front and back (about 170 mm) of short brightness and a small frame, the rail is not important here.

Freeride (vilna ride) is an off-track ride with pereshkods, high strikers, according to other disciplines - the most extreme and not safe view. Vimogi to the bike: maximum performance and reliability, additional travels, tighter discs galma. There are many different types of disciplines and combinations of different types.

Recommendations for the choice of a horse bike

For newcomers, who haven’t gotten the hang of it yet, they didn’t know how to do it, they didn’t make the road, the model was highly specialized, and it’s more versatile for a cob. Kupuvati is more beautiful in specialty stores, but at authorized dealers of all kinds of virobniks. In addition, you can otrimate with a garnished obgortkoy call not the ones that you were obsessed with. Having smashed the napkins like "Jeep", "Jaguar", "Lexus", "Super mountain bike", "Made in USA", be in the song, there is a podrobka in front of you. Automobile companies do not rent bicycles, serious vyrobniks will not boast that they have a super bike, and in the USA it is practically impossible to buy even more expensive models in the United States. Mayzhe all MTV picks up from China and Taiwan, but a place of great importance is not possible. Golovne, what components of boules are available in Japan, Nimechchina, England, France, USA. You can also change the collection of a bicycle from the details you have received in one of the number of companies that are engaged in folding, selling and servicing bicycles. It is important to correctly adjust the dimensions of the bike - go from the axis of the carriage to the top of the front tube. Guilty of your growth. For example, for a medium age (165-175 cm), the size of the hardtail is 17 inches (2.54 cm), and the rear shock absorber is 17, 5. For a high age (175-185 cm), it seems to be 19 and 19.5.

Keeping an eye on the bike

It is necessary to clean the bike from the truck - it didn’t rusty or metal parts, it was painted more beautifully with mechanics, and that technique was decent. Accessories - water, liquid salt (car shampoo, special bicycle cleaning with Pedro's and Pro-Clean), ganchir'ya, brushes of small sizes (tooth - for cleaning the lance), aerosol mastic, auto polishing - for cleaning

If there is a strong temperature drop: it is not possible to hit the bike with hot water at once when riding at negative temperatures, as well as when it is possible to travel in cold weather. Details and mechanics can get cracked.

A quick-and-dirty mechanism that can be used by strong men and women - a bicycle lance. If you do not clean or touch the skin for a skin trip - you will be touching the lanterns of the lancet, the zerochki of the system of that cartridge, it will be wrong to be correct. Cleanse the skin lanka with a toothbrush, lowering the lancet near the water with a squeeze. Є special machines for cleaning lantsyug - with them the price is lighter and more efficient.

The head rule when it comes to mitt is not to wipe out the brood, but to wipe it out, in case of certain types of soil it is better to soak the muddle for a day. Even more handy for mounting, especially importantly accessible bearings and mechanisms, penetrating aerosol mastic WD-40 or LM-40 (LM-47) - with additional additives, which would give the robot rubbed parts.

Ppopular firm-virobniks

(Name, roztashuvannya, rik asleep, zapnovnik, hour on the cob to the MTV release)

USA: "Gary Fisher", Marin County, California, 1979; Gary Fisher, 1979;

"GT", Orange County (Pivdenna California), 1972, Gari Turner, 1979;

"Specialized", Californian Misto Morgan Hill, 1974, Mike Sinyard, 1981;

Trek, Waterloo, Visconsin, 1976; Dick Burke and Bevil Hogg, 1983;

Scott, Idaho, Sleepyhead Valley, 1958, Ed Scott, 1986;

Marin mountain bikes, Marin County, California, 1986 ,? , 1987;

Schwinn, Chicago, 1895; Ignaz Schwinn, Adolph Arnold, 1994;

Nimechchina: "Corratec", Raubleng, 1980, Konrad Irlbacher the Younger, 1992;


Holland: Giant Holland BV;

Taiwan: Merida.

Virobniki MTV of another echelon:

Russia: "Atom", "Stark", "Stels", "Forward";

Czech Republic: "Author", "Rockmachine";

USA: Mongoose, Iron Horse, KHS Bicycles;

Taiwan: Trekking Fox.

When the price of these bicycles is equal to the "first echelon" of additional details, they can be more beautiful for the rakhunok of the lesser prices and pay for the brand.