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Canon PowerShot A495 Silver Feature Overview

Canon once again pleases its fans with a new camera model - Canon PowerShot A495. This camera is a very compact, high-speed device that will bring only positive emotions from working with it. The PowerShot A495 differs from its big brother, the A480, with its flowing design. This camera is equipped with a number of attractive features. The A495 also surprises with its functionality in such a small package.

This camera is equipped with a 10.0 megapixel lens and 3.3x optical zoom, which in turn guarantees its user to obtain high quality images with vivid colors. The intelligent mode provided in the camera - Smart Auto, helps to choose the best option for shooting for high-definition images. This unit has a very well presented LCD - display, which is characterized by a diagonal of 2.5 inches, and also simplifies such system functions as - framing, shooting, as well as sharing photos.

Smart Auto MODE

Easy operation of the camera is guaranteed with the Smart Auto mode. This mode can perform such functions as scene recognition, as well as apply the most appropriate settings, which help the user to own many colorful and interesting photos. Scene recognition mode automatically detects camera settings, resulting in a colorful and high-quality shot.

The camera takes pictures in various situations. It is because of this that he has 18 different positions for choosing the best option. This helps the wearer a lot when shooting on a sunny day or when the flash is not needed for the shot. We need to thank this mode, because now the photographer may not care about the characteristics of the photo, the PowerShot A495 does it for him.


This technology automatically detects the strength of the illumination of a particular place to automatically correct the shadow balance. The function determines the conditions of the picture, the reflection of white and black tones on objects. This way, the photo comes out better than you would just be photographed in an open space. An interesting function is Smart Flash Exposure, which automatically adjusts the flash setting based on the characteristics of the scene: whether the shadow rays fall on the subject, the distance to the subject, etc. For example, you can aim shooting during the day. So Smart Flash Exposure will even out the color balance of the person's face. The camera is also good at this automatic flash function. This way the user can get maximum satisfaction. As a result of this function, the picture will be flawless.


This technology can guarantee you excellent group photo quality. Thus, face recognition technology allows its owner to track many faces in the frame. The PowerShot A495, like many others, features red-eye reduction. The camera automatically corrects this problem as soon as the picture is taken. The unique and sensitive FaceSelf-Timer function is a function that allows the owner of the A495 to set the self-timer. This function, as once facilitates the work with the camera for creating group shots. The camera shutter releases after 2 seconds as soon as a new face appears in the frame.


From now on, higher quality still images can be achieved thanks to the Low Light mode. This mode helps you take great pictures in very low light. The Canon PowerShot A495's Low Light system creates extra sensitivity for the camera lens.The camera has motion detection technology that reduces all blur to just zero. This function controls all objects that move, making calculations for some percentage of blur. A user, even with little experience, can achieve great heights in the field of photography.

The PowerShot A495 is equipped with two special modes, which are responsible for simple shooting, which guarantees very high quality image processing. The poster effect allows us to make pictures more monotonous, which in some way brings us back to the days when black and white was in fashion. The camera has a mode that helps breathe new life into photos that did not work out. The mode makes them bright and colorful. These features of the PowerShot A495 simply make the camera an ideal subject for work with photos and videos.


The PowerShot A495 allows its customers not only to get quality in their photos, but also to enjoy the great pleasure of capturing video with VGA resolution. The camera has the function of uploading images and videos to YouTube ™. All this thanks to a package that delivers Internet access directly through a computer. You can easily upload a shot or video that you like to the YouTube ™ portal, where it can be seen by millions. Thus, your friends or relatives may be able to view a particular video immediately after you upload it to the portal.

The new PowerShot A495 is compatible with SDHC and SDXC memory cards. It's hard to even imagine that a camera can carry a memory of 2 TB. This amount of memory has a memory card - SDXC. It is due to this card that many can store a lot of photos and videos without worrying that they may run out of free space. This model of the camera is capable of operating on AA batteries, which guarantee the owners of the Canon PowerShot A495 camera the opportunity to use the possibility of using a backup power supply.

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