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HOW TO SET A PASSWORD ON A COMPUTER OR LAPTOP - set a password on Windows 7/8/10

Setting a password on Windows XP and Windows 7

  • Go to your account settings along this path: "Start - Control Panel - User Accounts".
  • Select your account and open it, then go to the "Create Password" tab.
  • Enter your password twice and click the Create Password button.

Any protection can be hacked. If your information is like a breath of air to someone, he will receive it. But this is from the category of special cases. To hide the secret from children and nosy relatives, the password on the account will "save".

  • Go to the menu "Start» → «Control Panel».

  • Find "User accounts"And click.

  • Select "Create an account».

Advice: when creating a password, make sure Caps lock was enabled (disabled). Otherwise, install something like that, and when you try to enter, you will get a refusal. Hide access from yourself :).

  • Enter characters in the "New password» → «the confirmation". Combine them more difficult (uppercase, uppercase + numbers and symbols). Most importantly, do not forget yourself that you have come up with -))).
  • Click "Create a».

  • Reboot your computer.

Now that it's done, you will enter the code on the desktop when you turn it on.

How to set a password on Windows 8, 8.1

Protecting a computer or laptop with Windows 8 is as easy as on win 7. Installation is the same. The only difference is in the interface.

  • Move your mouse to the upper right corner on the desktop. On the pop-up panel, click "Parameters».
  • In the tab that opens, click "Change computer settings».
  • Select the "Members» → «Create a password».
  • Write a combination of numbers and letters.
  • Click "Further» → «Done».

In Windows 8 and 8.1, you can set a graphic password. Unlock pattern without typing boring characters.

- Select the "Create picture password», The system will prompt you to enter a password to access the creation of graphics.

- Load any picture and draw three objects on it - circles, lines or points.

- Remember their order, size and direction. Otherwise, you will not unblock it.

- Click on the "Done».

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How to put a password on a Windows 10 computer

Installing the code to enter the Windows 10 operating system is even easier than any other operating system from Microsoft. Even a grandmother can handle it.

  • Go to «Parameters"Through the menu"Start».

  • In the new window click "Accounts».

  • Choose a section "Login options».
  • Under the word "Password»Click«Edit».

  • Enter characters in the first field and confirm.
  • In the window "prompt"Write a" cheat sheet "for yourself to help you remember. Just in case -))).

  • Click "Further» → «Done».

For your information: block your pc or laptop if you walk away for a few minutes. Click on Win + L... To continue working, in the window that appears, enter the installed code. Click on the arrow and continue working.

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