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Review of the game "Conflict: Denied Ops".

Games from the Conflict series have long and thoroughly settled in one of the market niches, which is occupied by "shooters" of this type. The theme of confronting ALL BAD uncles continues in the fifth game of the series, called Conflict: Denied Ops. The quality of the product was a big surprise. So you can start saving society without being distracted by negative elements.

The main characters are probably taken from some hard-core film of the late 80s about police partners. Leng is a former FBI agent who joined the CIA's paramilitary unit. Graves is a former Delta Force soldier who served in Afghanistan for a long time. It was there that he lost his partner, and therefore does not like to talk about this incident. Leng; in fact, a "salaga", which clearly lacks experience and combat training, which is enough for a new comrade in arms. But there is one important point: Leng is black, and Graves is a "rowdy", which the world has not seen. Conflict on the face (probably the name of the game came out from here): quarrels, reluctant communication and possible friendship. But life's lessons were learned, and Martin Luther King's dream of race equality became a reality.

The characters of all the playable characters are very good. How do you like an amputee woman who has to team up with a man who is a real fetishist who loves to focus on women's ankles? A real drama! Although, maybe they will come up with something.

After the discovery of clear traces of criminal activity in the first mission, the plot is divided into three alternative branches. You can choose any of them and follow the orders.

During these missions, you can safely switch between Leng and Graves. When one dies, the other protagonist has three minutes to bring his partner to a combat-ready state and restore his health with the help of an adrenaline shot. If both agents die, the game ends and you start from the last save. All this also works in a multiplayer with a cooperative passage of the game, but with the only difference that in a single-player game one of the heroes is the main one in a pair and can give various orders.

On one exciting snowy journey, you will find yourself sitting in an incomprehensible unit on an air cushion with a machine gun turret mounted in the back. You can order your buddy to sit in the driver's seat while you are busy shooting nearby targets. You can indicate the place where you want to leave the transport, or you can do the same as me, that is, use your partner as a shooter.

Game AI also shows its best side. And this is important. For example, before crossing your line of fire, your partner says, “Move forward, cease fire!” Which gives you enough time to stop firing and not kill your colleague. Considering that your partner is your second life, you shouldn't kill him. And while he writhes in agony on the floor, revive him. And then shout: "Get up, it's just a scratch!"