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Review of the game Duke Nukem Forever

** Duke Nukem Forever ** was born in 2011.


** Duke Nukem Forever ** begins where Duke Nukem 3D ends. Muscular blond Duke fights a cycloid monster on the football field. After defeating the alien and famous comments, Duke rips out the fallen foe's one eye. Then he throws the organ clearly into the gate. After that, unexpectedly, our hero is basking in a comfortable chair with a gamepad in his hands. It turns out that we were playing a video game dedicated to Duke Nukem. He lives in his own large skyscraper, subordinate to Duke two charming girls; has its own casino, club and talk show, before the start of which there are only a few moments. But our hero is again interfered with by aliens, distracting him from signing autographs to his fans.

In-game graphics

The graphics in ** Duke Nukem Forever ** are just disgusting by modern standards. The engine on which the game was built looks completely ugly: the models lack detail, the texture is very low resolution, and the monsters lack polygons.

Gameplay in the game

The gameplay in the game is purely "bellhop". After completing the desired action, we get a new bulk of enemies. There are not so many monsters. Maybe a dozen species will be typed, but no more. And there are about four bosses, which is not enough for modern shooters.

It is worth noting that the characteristic features of Duke Nukem 3D carried over to the sequel. Duke has not lost his charisma. As before, vulgar phrases are constantly escaping from his lips, skillfully manages a boot and a reducer, and also remains a lover of gambling.

Gearbox Software failed to please both the current generation of gamers and old fans of Duke Nukem. Despite the fact that the game takes about ten hours to complete, we are offered permanent "corridors". Weapons available are classic (pistol, shotgun, reducer, machine gun, grenade launcher and several other types). With him, Duke can only carry two types of weapons. In the game, checkpoints are clumsily placed, which allow you to save the passage. This means that it will not be possible to save at any time. Automatic health regeneration makes the game easier, which is a disadvantage.

Thus, the solo company ** Duke Nukem Forever ** does not cause much emotion. It seems that Gearbox Software built the game based on previous developments from 3D Realms. And the company's own ideas only make themselves felt in the last stages of the game. There are enough software bugs in ** Duke Nukem Forever **, which suggests the poor quality of beta testing of the project. After small battles on the levels, loading screens tear us away from the process, which is only annoying.

Multiplayer mode

In the shooter, there is an opportunity to fight in multiplayer, which was made by the Piranha Games studio. The network mode does not differ in anything special, but it can replace the passage of the single with Insane difficulty. The developers give the opportunity to play in four modes: team deathmatch, for itself, capture the flag and control points. These modes are very entertaining and fun to play. But there are also disadvantages: the maps are too small, the maximum number of players is reduced to eight, which is negligible. However, this is a consequence of the first problem. Also not too balanced weapon. By and large, you can kill crowds of enemies carrying with you one double-barreled grenade launcher, which does not require a special skill and "aim". It is much more pleasant to hit the opponent from the “diminutive” and press him down with a boot.

Browser controls for searching online battles are quite simple. There is not much lobby access, but this is enough to start the game. In multiplayer there is a "pumping" of the hero, which allows you to achieve many achievements, acquire various statues, paintings, girls for your "den".The originality of Duke can be given by a wardrobe in which you can dress at your own discretion. The choice of clothing is quite large and varied.


The return of ** Duke Nukem Forever ** turned out to be not as promising as fans and fans of the series expected it. Old graphics, flaws in the gameplay, monotonous locations cause a feeling of disappointment. Especially for those who have been patient and have been waiting for the game since 1998. But there is also a positive point for gamers. This is the presence of a good multiplayer, for which you can spend a lot of evenings. Despite some drawbacks, online battles turned out to be very fun and interesting. Therefore, a certain circle of players can find something interesting and attractive for themselves in ** Duke Nukem Forever **.