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Dried cartridge - how to restore (revive) a dried Canon cartridge, cleaning and restoring the cartridge in the hp printer

Is an inkjet printer printing a void? Check it out first. There are several options and among them - either the ink is out or the cartridge is clogged, dried up. In this case, the easiest way is to buy a new cartridge. But this is not always beneficial.

How to remanufacture a cartridge and save money? Read below.

How do I restore a dry cartridge?

Three methods are used to remove dried ink from a cartridge:

  • cleaning cartridge nozzles - standard procedure. Printers have a nozzle cleaning mode. We proceed as follows:
    • check nozzles using a standard utility. For example, for Epson printers, this is Nozzle Check;
    • if the test showed a problem, then start the cleaning mode;
    • we print a test page.
  • rinsing with water jet... This method is effective and safe - the risk of damage to the cartridge is minimal. Sequencing:
    • carefully disassemble the cartridge;
    • we substitute the lid with nozzles under a stream of warm water (in no case hot). For the best effect, add a soap solution (dishwashing liquid is suitable);
    • gently wipe the cartridge with paper and leave to dry;
    • dry and assemble the cartridge.
  • soak dried cartridge:
    • on a cloth moistened with distilled water, put the printer head with the nozzles down;
    • leave for a day;
    • we create pressure in the ventilation hole - we blow through the head, resting it on a moistened cloth. Blow until an ink stain appears on it.

After completing the procedure, insert the cartridge back, print a test page.

Printer maintenance

Simple tips:

  • Regular printing: To avoid clogging the nozzles, print to the printer at least once a week. Print a color page to clean more than just the black ink nozzle;
  • paper: Please make sure it is suitable for inkjet printers before purchasing.

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