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How to choose the right air gun - which air gun is better

Which air pistol to choose for a comfortable design and suitable for a specific purpose - be it training or recreational shooting? For your information, in Ukraine, you can freely buy a pneumatic weapon if its caliber does not exceed 4.5 mm, and the projectile's flight speed reaches 100 m / s.

Choosing a pneumatic gun: designs and purpose

Models of pistols differ from each other not only in appearance, but also in design:

  • gas cylinders;
  • compression;
  • spring-piston;
  • with preliminary pressure pumping (PCP);
  • revolver chambered for Flaubert.

Each design has its own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. To choose the right air gun, familiarize yourself with its specifics.

Decide whether you want to get a smooth-bore weapon or prefer air pistols with a rifled barrel:

  • smoothborers shoot steel balls;
  • bullets are used in rifled weapons.

The choice of a pneumatic gun is carried out based on the characteristics:

  • body material (plastic, metal, nickel, silumin) and barrel length;
  • drum material;
  • features of the trigger mechanism;
  • handle material (plastic, rubber, wood);
  • type of weapon coating (nickel, chrome, titanium, bluing).

Pneumatic pistols according to the principle of operation:

  • gas pistols are similar to firearms. Energy is obtained from a cylinder containing liquefied carbon dioxide. 40-60 shots are fired until the liquid fraction of the gas disappears. Steel balls are used for shooting. During the shot, the dispenser releases a portion of compressed carbon dioxide into the barrel, which accelerates the bullet. Its speed depends on the ambient temperature (at low air temperatures, the gas pressure decreases and the weapon shoots at a range of several meters). The advantage is a high rate of fire. Disadvantages - impossibility of firing at low temperatures, gas leaks, low power, relatively high cost of a shot due to the consumption of replaceable gas cartridges;
  • Compression and pre-pressurized (PCP) pistols require preliminary preparation before firing. Air (carbon dioxide or nitrogen) is injected into the tank under the barrel or in the handle to a level of 200-300 atmospheres, which creates the necessary pressure for a shot. A fixed pump or a removable compressor is used for air injection. The gas reservoir, with a single charge, provides several tens of shots. Disposable cans (8-12 grams) with carbon dioxide - 40 to 90 shots. Nitrogen and air tanks are reusable;
  • spring-piston pistols: the shot is fired due to the movement of the piston under the action of a previously compressed spring. When moving, the piston sharply compresses the air, which accelerates the bullet in the barrel. To repeat the shot, you must first cock the mainspring. The disadvantage is reloading before each shot. Advantages - reliable to use. Lead bullets provide good range and accuracy when firing;
  • revolver chambered for Flaubert: revolvers are similar to firearms in design, appearance and material of manufacture. The only difference is the low power of Flaubert's cartridges without powder charges. The sound when fired from such a weapon is indistinguishable from a shot from a combat pistol. Available in different sizes - the smallest are comfortable even for a woman's hand.

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Which air gun to choose?

Choose a good air gun correctly:

  • Compression air pistols and PCP (with pre-pumped pressure) have the highest accuracy and rate of fire. Good for sports and entertainment, because they have a significant power of the shot, excellent accuracy, use of optics;
  • spring-piston pistols are designed for aiming training, sports and recreational shooting. For self-defense, using them is not recommended due to the low energy of the shot;
  • a revolver chambered for Flaubert is used not only for sports, but also for training shooting, as well as for a detailed study of the structure of small arms;
  • Gas pneumatics is suitable for recreational shooting at close range.

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