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HOW TO CHOOSE A POT FOR A CHILD - how to choose a pot for a boy, girl, reviews

To decide which pot to choose, learn three rules.

Baby potty is not a toy

Models in the form of cars, airplanes, animals, or with music can be harmful. They increase the time the child spends on the potty, and this is harmful from a physiological point of view: blood circulation in the pelvic organs and in the rectum worsens.

I share my experience: when I taught my daughter to potty, I chose with music. He plays after the kid does his job. Manufacturers probably think that the child will be more willing to go to the potty. And it scared my girl. I immediately bought her the simplest one and explained that this will not happen here.

It is good if the chair-pot has a back and armrests.

These are the most comfortable models. When choosing, look how tightly the removable tray fits against the highchair - if there are any gaps. And then the child will inadvertently pinch the skin, and then he will be afraid to sit down.

The wide rim does not crush the skin. Choose a stable model with a rubberized base.

Plastic to plastic discord

To choose the right pot for your child, pay attention to the peculiarities of the plastic. The best option is polypropylene. Unlike polystyrene, it is not afraid of changes in water temperature. A polypropylene product can be washed under hot water and even rinsed with boiling water for disinfection.

How to choose a pot for a boy

It is better to buy a boy a classic one - oval, with a ledge in front. This is good for two reasons:

  1. protects against splashes;
  2. the baby sits correctly - with slightly divorced legs.

How to choose a pot for a boy

Models with a rounded seat are suitable for girls. Such, where you can bring the legs.

Pots for children: reviews

Sibriz wrote about Ok Baby Quack: “The son chose. We went to the store together, and he only agreed to sit on this funny duckling. It turned out that the toy quacks when you press the beak. This pot solved the task of keeping the fidget in place. But sitting on it is inconvenient: you have to remove the trouser leg from one leg».

Martha, review of Ok Baby Scooter: “The back is firm. When the kid was taught to sit on the pot, he rested his legs against the floor by force and thus leaned on the back. It's good that the front panel is removable: they taught me without it. And when he got used to it, he sits down with pleasure. While sitting, he sharpens two already grown teeth on the handles. They are made of a durable and relatively soft material».

Fox comments on Tega Baby Aqua AQ-007: “The baby is only 8 months old and weighs 8 kg. I was afraid that she would fail. But the fears were in vain, everything is ok. The pot is transparent, lightweight, with a support for legs and rubberized edges».

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