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WHAT TO GIVE A CHILD FOR 4 YEARS - what to give a boy, a gift to a girl

Four-year-olds are incredible dreamers and why. They come up with the Universe for themselves out of nothing. They set up a house under the table, on the sofa - a trip in a car, a full bath of water is represented by the sea.

At this age, it is useful to give toys that develop the imagination and satisfy curiosity. Get the hint? Now it's time to shop!

What to give a boy for 4 years

Educational books

Or encyclopedias on different topics. For example, about dinosaurs, technology, animals. The main thing is that the book is brightly illustrated, with exciting pictures. Such that the kid would like to consider it, because he does not know how to read yet.

Floor and magnetic puzzles are also good. Make sure that the development toy is not too difficult for the child. When buying, consider what age is indicated in the recommendation. Explain and show your child how to fold correctly and play together often.

Robots and transformers, cartoon and fairy tale characters

Children are often united by love for one subject of desire. Often these are cartoon characters or fashion toys. Then the guys play on equal terms.

Simple board games for logic and dexterity, gambling or adventure games unites both preschoolers and schoolchildren in the family. After all, the guys have an interesting problem, and they will try to solve it together. Experience and a sea of ​​emotions are dear, you won't get bored with such a gift.


There is a rule in choosing a constructor: you need to understand what level to take a set. If the child already knows how to add compositions, complicate the tasks. Doesn't know how, choose a model with fewer details.

  • The Lego Classic set is standard. Thematic Lego "Friends", "City", "Junior" are more interesting. The simplified Lego "Duplo" has large details that are suitable for boys and girls who are building turrets and houses for the first time.
  • Magnetic constructors Magformers, Magplayer, Guidecraft are held in high esteem. The elements are connected easily, the details are bright, they are not lost. You can even create 3D shapes from basic kits.

When purchasing, see age labeling.

Home planetarium

Works from an outlet or battery. Low energy consumption thanks to an economical LED lamp. In a dark room, it's great to project the galaxy, constellations onto the walls and ceiling ...

It is convenient to use as a night light, and every evening to put the child to sleep under the "starry sky".

Children's microscope

Teaching microscopes with fine, coarse or double-sided focusing are sold with a set of ready-made slides. With the help of such devices, you can look at enlarged objects on the smartphone screen, and take photo / video with the front or main camera. This is the best gift for a 4 year old boy to engage in "scientific" activities.

See an overview of the Bresser microscope

Gift for a girl for 4 years

Play sets

Girls love to try on roles. Here she is a doctor, now a saleswoman, a hop - and already an artist. They will not be superfluous if you buy a game store, jewelry or doctor's supplies. Let him play. After all, the child observes the world of adults and projects patterns of behavior in his little world. And interesting transformations never give trouble to parents. Do you agree?

Children's smart watch

Smart watches for kids combine the functionality of a smart gadget and a phone. The child will want to wear a cool thing. And for mom and dad, this is some kind of control when the child is "not in front of our eyes." You can contact the child at any time and know about his contacts with other people.

Most models have:

  1. Built-in flashlight, with which it is more interesting to illuminate the path to adventure in any weather and time of day.
  2. Off-hand sensor... It is imperative for a child to know about this so that he does not take off his watch whenever he pleases.
  3. Built-in camera... The girl will be able to show off an interesting moment, and even show a photo.

Interactive toys

Smart monkey, obedient dog or fabulous dinosaur will give you an immersive robot games experience. Such toys instantly react to touch and voice, move and make realistic sounds. Their abilities and behaviors are striking in their breadth. Communication with such a toy develops a 4-year-old girl's attention, the ability to analyze the situation and predict actions.

Dollhouse with furniture

The game of mothers and daughters is one thing, but a doll house is a small world where, together with the hostess, residents wake up, eat, walk, travel .... The girl expresses her impressions through the playable characters. She learns to be caring, considerate, loving and orderly. Give her this opportunity!

Easel board

When the question is what to give a child for 4 years (girl), take an easel. Floor standing, 2-sided, with a magnetic board - it doesn't matter. By imagining and drawing her characters, the girl will develop creativity and imagination.

  • It is convenient to apply hint cards with funny faces and little people on the magnetic base.
  • On wood it is well drawn with a marker, crayons, paints and felt-tip pens.
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