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THE PLASTIC WINDOW DOES NOT CLOSE - what to do to adjust if the plastic window is jammed and the handle does not close completely

The ambiguous position of the sash - when it was simultaneously opened for opening and for airing - the situation is annoying, but correctable. Is that the impressionable slightly "tickles the nerves" -)). Okay, just kidding and that's enough. Let's go save the window!

What to do if the plastic window sags and does not close

When there is an anti-opener (blocker located at the end of the window transom):

  • Press and hold the lock towards the seal;

  • Turn the jammed handle to its normal position;
  • Lean the top edge of the shutter against the frame, turn the handle down and close.

When there is no blocker:

  • Press the top corner against the frame and turn the handle;
  • Close.

Turn the handle firmly pressing the closed sash against the frame - this will not double opening!

Does the situation repeat itself often? Adjust the sash so that it does not "slip" anymore.

How to adjust:

  • Remove the plastic cover from the bottom hinge;
  • Take a screwdriver or an Allen key to "4" (who is more convenient) and tighten the adjusting elements;
  • Check your work: if the sash opens / closes easily, then everything was done correctly.
  • Remember to put back the decorative trim on the hinge.

Done! That's all the work.

Note: "Types of Phillips Screwdrivers and How to Avoid Their Wear"

Watch the video how to close if the transom does not close

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