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EYE LINER WHAT IS BETTER - eyeliner reviews, what are the types

There are five types of eyeliner. And each of them is good in its own way.

Liquid - for delicate work

Liquid eyeliner comes in tubes like mascara. Only it does not have a round brush, but the finest pointed brush. It is convenient for her to draw neat arrows. It is saturated in color, gives a matte or glossy shade. The packaging with the latter is labeled "glos".

  • Matte is good for daytime and business makeup.
  • Glossy is better to be painted in the evening.

This eyeliner will be appreciated by lovers of false eyelashes. It masks the gluing points and does not pull the eyelid. Due to this, it fits well on wrinkles. Therefore, it is ideal for makeup for mature women. The main thing is not to overdo it: tint the lower eyelids, you get a catchy make-up.

To figure out which liquid eyeliner is best, test it on your wrist. Swash and wait 5-10 minutes. When it dries up, evaluate the color and listen to the sensations. High-quality cosmetics do not spread and do not tighten the skin.

Anna writes a review about ArtDeco eyeliner: “I like cosmetics because of the brush. It is magical, you can make a thin arrow or thicker with a tip, like Asian women. Perfectly lies on the shade, does not spread and does not roll. I have a greasy eyelid, the eyeliner has never been imprinted».

Eyeliner: for jewelry making

The most resilient hands are those drawn with a felt applicator. It looks like a felt-tip pen, inside of which there is a cosmetic product based on water, alcohol or acrylic.

  • Water based water is easier to apply, but spreads and is rejected on oily skin.
  • Alcohol and acrylic are resistant: they fall harder and are washed off harder. They dry out the skin and provoke allergies.

With a felt-tip pen, thin arrows are obtained. They are not shaded. Therefore, if you have wrinkles around your eyes, the graphic arrow will only emphasize them. To draw the perfect line, lift your chin and lean against a table or windowsill. Sit facing the window for a better view. Do not stretch the skin, otherwise you will get asymmetry.

  • Draw an arrow from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner.
  • First draw the outline, then paint over.
  • Keep your eyes half open, don't blink. Wait until it dries so that the makeup does not get imprinted on the upper eyelid.

Ksenia Mishagina considers Pupa the best eyeliner. In the review, she writes: “I have oily skin of the eyelids, sometimes my eyes are watery, from which the makeup does not hold well. Not all cosmetics suit me, but this applicator looks decent even after a year. It is convenient to draw wide and thin arrows with a thin brush. Does not harden and draws arrow tips well. Charcoal black color, durability up to 12 hours. In the morning I apply, go to school, come at 8 pm - eye makeup on the spot. On my eyelids, liners of other brands lasted no more than three hours, smeared, imprinted. The Pupa eyeliner does not leave marks and does not stick to the eyelid. Even if the eyes are watery, it does not pinch the mucous membrane».

Cream - for massive lines

The creamy eyeliner is oil-free. Its "trick" is in buffering agents, which are used as a thickener. It is persistent, lays softly on the eyelids, is easy to stew and dries quickly. Will appeal to those who like to draw thick arrows, as well as shading and blending them with shadows.

luccera: «Cream ones are my favorites. They are the easiest to apply, lie perfectly, persistent, do not dry for a long time (they live for 7-8 months for sure). The line is obtained without gaps, the intensity can be adjusted».

Gel - for shine

It is rich in color and glossy. If you need to quickly correct the arrow - this is convenient. It is enough for a long time. But do you want to put up with the inconvenience?

  1. The brush will have to be washed as soon as you point the arrows.First moisten it with alcohol or oil (sunflower, olive), then wipe it with a cotton swab. It must stay dry.
  2. Cosmetics become aired and dry if you don't close the tube tightly. But this is fixable: dilute the eyeliner with eye drops with a moisturizing effect, and use it further.

Katherine13 writes about the durability of MAC eyeliner, review: “The hands hold perfectly. Nothing crumbles, does not crack, does not smudge, even if rain or snow falls on your eyes. You will cry, the eyeliner will not run away (of course, if you do not rub your eyes with your hands). You cannot correct the arrow without micellar. Eyeliner as glued».

Watch the video on how to draw bright arrows with a gel eyeliner

Dry - for naturalness

Dry eyeliner looks like compressed eyeshadow. To paint with it, you need a drop of water. What is nice is that it is easy to work with it: the arrow did not work out, shaded or erased, put on makeup again. It looks spectacular just shaded, because it creates the effect of shadow from the eyelashes.

  • The only "minus" is not persistent. When the eyes are in a wet place, consider, write, lost - it will flow.
  • But her "pluses" are much more significant:
    • economical, stored for years;
    • does not wind up and does not dry out;
    • does not cause allergies;
    • easy to apply.

With such an eyeliner, it is easier to work out the arrows with an oblique brush. It is gorgeous if you accentuate the upper lashes and the outer corner of the eye under the lower lashes.

HoneyHare in a review about Jeans: “Wax-based eyeliner. To draw an arrow, Duralight drops - then the arrows are not killed. The intensity of the color is easy to vary: the more water, the paler the color, and vice versa. Due to the fact that the eyeliner is diluted with water, it is easy to correct inaccuracies. But be careful not to dilute your makeup.».

So, in summary, which eyeliner is best.

  • Masks the bonding of false eyelashes
  • Does not pull the eyelid
  • Fits well on wrinkles
Rough makeup if overdone
Felt-tip applicatorSuper thin lines
  • Not shaded
  • Highlights wrinkles
  • Persistent
  • Easy to stew
  • Lies softly on eyelids
  • Blends with shadows
  • Economical
  • Saturated color
  • Glossy glitters
  • The brush is washed immediately
  • Cosmetics are aired
  • Does not cause allergies
  • Stored for years
  • Does not dry out
Not persistent

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Watch the video on how to shade arrows