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HOW TO SAVE ON HEATING - which heating is cheaper in order to economically heat the house

Which is more profitable - gas, electricity or solid fuel? In fact, the type of heat source is of secondary importance. In how to save on heating, the efficiency with which you use the generated heat is much more important. Therefore, if a gas pipe is laid to your mansion, heat with gas, if not, put an electric or solid fuel boiler.

Advantages of solid fuel boilers: completely autonomous, using the cheapest fuel. Disadvantages: it is necessary to replenish the fuel reserves, monitor its supply "to the firebox", during combustion, the fuel smokes the air (unacceptable for apartment buildings).

Step 1: switch to alternative heat sources

For residents of apartments and houses, the concept of an alternative has a different meaning. For the first, it is independence from a centralized hot water supply. It can be provided by gas and electric water heaters (boilers).

An electric boiler can only be installed on condition that the electrical network of the apartment can withstand the increased load.

Homeowners use boilers by default, so their energy-saving alternative is a heat pump. This method of heating is practically free: a heat pump takes in low-temperature heat from an underground source (soil, reservoir, underground water) and gives it to the heating system of the house. Thus, up to 75% of energy can be obtained from nature for heating a house and heating water.

Step 2: install equipment that reduces heat loss

Replace old cast iron radiators with automatic thermostats. This will give you not only savings, but also comfort. In the middle of winter, thaws sometimes happen, and the boiler operator Stepanych can turn up the heat on the occasion of the victory of the native football players. By setting the required temperature on the regulator, you will forever get rid of the heat that forces you to open windows and "throw" heat out into the street. The regulators will self-restrict the flow of hot water to the radiators.

Heating radiators with automatic thermostats can reduce heat consumption by 20%.

An excellent device for both house ventilation and heat preservation is a heat recuperator. Reduces heat loss by at least half. The recuperator pumps air from outside into the dwelling and removes stale air, giving it warmth to the incoming cool air. In summer, vice versa: on the way outside, the cool air of the room cools the hot air from the street.

Step 3 (but not the last in importance): we insulate

To save heat and equip a full-fledged "economical house", one cannot do without capital insulation. To do this, replace the old windows and doors with two-chamber metal-plastic, insulate the walls and roof. According to experts, 70% of the heat is lost only because of old windows and doors!

We advise you to install an individual heat energy meter in an apartment in an apartment building. So you will only pay for the heat that has entered your apartment.

Meter readings are taken into account if there is a general house meter in the house, and individual ones are installed in more than 75% of apartments.

Considerable funds are needed for capital thermal reconstruction of housing. Therefore, the government of Ukraine launched the program "Savior Dim": with its help, each buyer receives up to 20-30% compensation for the cost of purchasing heat-saving equipment, equipment and materials. Learn more about the program here.

This article is an overview, and we hope it has given you the general idea you need to know how to save on heating costs.Details of some of the topics covered in it, for example, how to choose a water heater, are covered in other articles on our website.

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