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HOW TO QUICKLY DISCHARGE YOUR PHONE - how to discharge your iPhone and quickly drain your android battery

The method works on both Android and iOS. To quickly discharge your phone, install the Quick Discharge app from Google Play or the App Store. Launch it and select the required discharge level using the slider.

Under the slider, there will be options for loads on the device. Put a checkmark in front of all, except vibration - it is difficult to survive if the phone is next to you.

Then click Discharge inception and enjoy the process. The program will show how much time is left to the specified depth of discharge.

How to quickly drain your Android battery manually

How to quickly drain your phone's battery can be guessed by our tips to save battery power. You need to do the opposite - include more different things. How we love.

Let's go, turn on:

  1. Flashlight - keep it on while you play with the rest of the settings.
  2. Screen brightness to maximum.
  3. Wi-Fi.
  4. Bluetooth.
  5. Access point and modem.
  6. Notifications from all apps.
  7. Google Maps.
  8. A movie with a higher resolution or a "hard" game.

One thing needs to be turned off: power saving mode.

Finally, put your phone in the refrigerator (devilish laughter). No, seriously: batteries lose power as they cool down. Just don't go to the freezer. And yes, the refrigerator shields wireless channels, but the phone will try to find access points and waste a lot of energy on it.

How to quickly discharge an iPhone (also manually)

How to completely discharge an iPhone - and also, loading it as much as possible. Only enable related services and applications in iOS.


  1. Power saving mode.
  2. Auto-blocking.

Turn on:

  1. Flashlight.
  2. Maximum screen brightness.
  3. All wireless channels.
  4. Geolocation services.
  5. Notifications from all apps.
  6. Automatic downloads.
  7. Updating content in the background.
  8. Facebook app.
  9. Spotlight search, Siri, Handoff.
  10. "Hard" game or film.

And send your phone to rest in the fridge (not in the freezer). Alternatively, take something large (not frozen) out of the refrigerator and put your iPhone on it.

Note: "Check your phone for viruses: how to find out what Android has eaten g ... belyash"

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