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HOW TO MAKE A GIF FROM A VIDEO - make a GIF from a video online on youtube

How to make a GIF from a video

To make a gif from a video online, use the “You Clever” video processor (designed for Chrome only). Install the application in one click. Click on the blue icon.

The video harvester logo will appear in the upper right corner of the monitor - a sure sign that everything has been done correctly.

Go to Youtube, choose a video. In the video, look for a shortcut labeled "GIF" → click on it.

A window opens - a real forge of GIFs for YouTube. This is where the masterpiece of the moment happens, do whatever you like with the animation. See how it's done.

Method number 1 - the simplest to create a gif from a youtube video

When watching a video at the right time, click on the icon → a video recording will appear. It is designed for up to 100 frames.

If you are happy with everything, click "Create GIF".

Then click "Save GIF". Save the file wherever you need it (in Downloads, on your desktop). The GIF is ready.

Method number 2 - for masters to make gifs in YouTube

The video can be trimmed by episode. Each division of the "ladder" is a frame. When you click on it, it changes color to red. You can delete one or two ... ten, crop and deselect if you change your mind.

And then it is standard: click "Create" → "Save". Done.

Method number 3 - how to make a slow-motion, accelerated or gif-header from a video

  • At the time of broadcasting the video, click on the "GIF" shortcut → determine the number of frames → click on "Show additional options".
  • Check the box if you plan to square the animation.
  • Set your desired number of storyboards per second. Standard broadcast is 25 frames per second. In the "Capture" category, you can limit the capture of a picture from 1 to 10 frames per second.
  • In the “Speed ​​Playback” category, you can choose the best speed option - from one to ten frames per second.
  • On the gif, you can place text on top or bottom. The font is selected automatically.
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