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GIFTS FOR THE DAY OF SAINT NICHOLAS - what to give a child for St. Nicholas

The gate, the ball - everything is real. Gambling is guaranteed! It will be fun and useful: with the Same Toy X-Sports set, the kid will become more confident, accurate and attentive, "work out" the reaction and the eye. Recommended for children from 3 years old.

Includes net, ball and pump. The gate is easy to assemble and disassemble. Their size (WxHxD): 45.5 x 38 x 30.5 cm.

This game will not get boring for a long time.

  • The child will learn to score goals at a distance from the goal.
  • Get used to masterfully hit the gate. The more accurate, the less time it will take to “zero in”.
  • Arrange a real battle with friends. The winner is the one who scores more.

Game cost: 399 UAH.

Policeman's set

This is not just a set of a police officer with plastic handcuffs and a machine gun, but a real piece of equipment for a special forces officer. The set includes a helmet, a face shield, a knife, a watch, a walkie-talkie, a flask, a policeman's ID and even a whistle.

Young James Bond will neutralize the insidious criminal, take the bank by storm and save the world from evil. For greater realism, the machine simulates the sounds of shooting. So get ready to watch the hot battles of special operations -))).

The cost of the set: 326 UAH.

Blanket mat Oribel Peripop

Oribel Peripop is a developmental rug and pillow. It is also a mini-chair and a comfortable backrest for a stroller. And even a place to store toys. With this gift you will catch two birds with one stone:

  • the semblance of a blanket will warm the little one,
  • will serve as a play mat.

The kid will be "smart" with lightning, will feel new textures to the touch. While playing, it will train dexterity and dexterity.

Benefit from a gift:

  • the motor skills of fingers are improved;
  • mental development is stimulated.

Cost: 1018 UAH.

Coloring book Mapi. History "

Get your child interested in the book Mapi. History ”with descriptions of interesting events, finds and celebrities using pictures. Illustrations are waiting for the young artist to come alive in colors. Each page (there are 24) has something new: from terrible battles to beautiful castles and incredible discoveries. Below each figure is a description of the events depicted. Having fun, the child will explore vivid episodes of world history. The coloring book has a world map and a time line. You can paint them too!

The book is designed for children from 6 years old. She teaches perseverance, patience and the basics of drawing.

Price: 170 UAH.

Constructor for boys

A great gift for dreamers and inventors who like to test the strength of structures. With the Kiditec kit, the young explorer will build a fancy car. And then, like Schumacher, he will arrange a rally without rules and put it to the test.

A feature of the constructor is the ability to assemble cars of different models. Thanks to the toothed wheel lugs, circular structures can be simulated.

The parts are compatible with other Kiditec kits. They are made of non-toxic plastic used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

A child with a "head" will go into the game for the benefit of himself:

  • learn to concentrate;
  • will develop imagination and motor skills;
  • get acquainted with flowers.

Designer cost: 496 UAH.

Pleasure and benefit in one set - the best gift for Nikolai

Robot dog Cosmopes

If the kid asks and begs to buy a little animal, and you are horrified to imagine torn wallpaper and gnawed shoes, give an electronic beast to Nikolai. This is an ideal pet: the dog knows how to talk, tells fairy tales and obeys only the owner. He can also walk, wag his tail, perform voice commands and even dance. If you don't disturb the dog for a few minutes, it will say goodbye and fall asleep.

The little one will be delighted with Cosmopesic, and you will benefit:

  • the child will have a sense of responsibility;
  • he will become more attentive and responsive;
  • learn to speak well;
  • will master the basics of mathematics: the robot will teach you to subtract, add, multiply and divide.

The cost of a robot dog: 1550 UAH.

Zoo for St. Nicholas Day - a robot toy

Jewelry Making Kit

A cool gift for a little princess. Collecting "jewelry" masterpieces, even a fidget will plunge into creative work for a long time.

The Pop Art Jewelry Crafting Set includes 300 bright pieces that can be easily combined into new combinations of colors, styles and shapes. They are connected with each other in one motion, no need to fiddle with a fishing line or string. So even a four-year-old can make new beads or a ring. It is convenient to store the parts in a stylish jar.

Additional bonuses: your fashionista will learn to fantasize, become more assiduous and improve fine motor skills.

Set cost: 455 UAH.

Fashionable gift from St. Nicholas - a set for making jewelry

Rubens Barn soft dolls

Your little daughter won't want to let go of the soft fleece Baby'S First Molly Manners. The pink-cheeked doll loves to sing and teach good manners. It is worth pressing on the tummy, singing is heard.

Soft curls, a delicate body and a bright dress will appeal to even a beech girl. She will be happy to play with baby Molly, thereby developing tactile sensitivity and fine motor skills.

Doll price: from 564 UAH.

Mimic gift for Nikolay - soft doll

Kinetic sand

Children love to sculpt and build sand castles. Set up a sandbox right on your desk. Although this is a summer one, it is also a wonderful gift for Nikolai.

Kinetic sand is like wet sand. It does not stick to hands, perfectly retains its shape during sculpting. Like a dough, it leaves the palms dry and clean.

Don't worry, the sand won't pollute your home. It is easy to remove it from any surface, grains of sand stick only to each other and leave no traces. It is harmless and non-toxic.

Creative gift for St. Nicholas Day - kinetic sand

Pros for the child: develops perseverance and imagination.

Cost: from 31 UAH.

Note: "What toys does a child need at 3 years old: a complete set for the development of talents"

To make the holiday of St. Nicholas for children remembered for a long time, watch the video on how to make a beautiful bow on the gift wrapping

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