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HOW TO CHOOSE A DRESS FOR GRADUATION - what to wear for prom 2018, types of dresses

At the prom, dresses of pastel-cocktail tones and juicy shades rule: turquoise, pink, lilac, peach. Long train, rhinestones and lurex shine are inappropriate. Black is too dull for such an occasion.

  • Avoid overly revealing outfits. Feigned sexuality does not fit with the format of a school celebration.
  • If you want a floor-length dress, adjust its length to match the heel height of your shoes. The hem should not drag, but you should not visually cut the foot either.
  • To stay beautiful until dawn, check for wrinkles.

Shoes - with high, but not prohibitive heels. You will have to have fun and dance in them, and not sit and painfully wait for the end of the banquet. Go for the classic ones. If it is difficult to decide on a shade - remember about the magic wand - flesh-colored shoes. They should match your skin tone as much as possible.

What dress to choose for prom

Often stylists joke: only a graduate can be finer than a bride - the first one does not know what she wants, and in the second case, the girl and mother have different tastes, so they cannot come to something mutual. To clarify the problem: “How to choose a dress for prom?” - take note of the most important thing.

If you have a pear shape (wide hips), do not wear a tight fish silhouette dress. It visually accentuates the thighs, while shiny fabrics add volume. In this case, focus on the chest and neckline. Or take a closer look at a high-waisted outfit. In such a dress, you will look slimmer, taller and more beautiful. Bare shoulders visually balance the hips. And if you put on a necklace or a chain, no one will notice the features of the figure.

The asymmetrical (oblique) top of the dress "rescues" more than one girl with an inverted triangle body type - who has wide shoulders and narrow hips. Slight asymmetry or neckline visually conceal the upper part. The drapery on the hips visually adds volume and harmonizes the figure. Dresses with a short skirt in the front and a long skirt in the back look beautiful on slender tall girls.

For a girl with a rectangle type (without a pronounced waist), an openwork dress is not the best option. It "sits" on the figure like a pipe: lace and guipure add volume. There must be contrast to visually enhance what you really want to increase. The trick is that thanks to the decor, you can form the silhouette of an "hourglass".

  • The waist will be emphasized by a contrasting belt.
  • Drapery or decor on the chest visually increase it.
  • The drapery on the skirt rounds the hips and creates an hourglass silhouette.

Even the "apple" body type (overweight and those with a belly) can be transformed with the right fit elements.

  • Peplum dresses form an elegant hip line and accentuate the waist. And the bodice at the top balances the peplum. Many light flying elements give the silhouette a lightness and freshness.
  • A flowing empire-style dress favorably emphasizes the merits and hides figure flaws. Thanks to the flying silhouette, you can hide excess weight and protruding belly.
    • If your arms are full, choose a model with a long sleeve.
    • Puffy ones should not choose an outfit with a large pattern or from a translucent fabric.
    • Hide “problem” legs with a floor-length dress.

Note: "How to choose a foundation ㅡ advice from a practicing cosmetologist"

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